New Paradigm Entrepreneurship using Human Design


Increase your frequency and add more flow to your business using 4 critical components of your human design



This is for you if...

  • You're done with all the one-size-fits-all & icky business strategies & you're committed to doing things differently
  • You are looking for simple, yet effective, ways to embody your own human design in your life & business
  • You're ready to build your soul-aligned business from an integrated place

Hello, I'm Bree Kuryk!

I help my clients create & implement magnetic client attraction systems that align with their unique energetic blueprint.

 I have 15+ years of experience helping build & scale businesses of all sizes - from start-ups to billion dollar corporations. I use my expertise in business strategy, marketing, sales, and operations to support my clients.

Human design has a huge part of my own intuitive awakening & I'm certified in human design & gene keys to support others through similar processes as well.

Now I’m bringing all these learnings - intuitive, energetic, and practical business strategy - straight to you to give you a massive head start in your own business.