3 pillars of the Radiant on Purpose marketing strategy

3 pillars of the Radiant on Purpose marketing strategy



In this episode, I'm going to be walking you through the three pillars of the Radiant on Purpose marketing strategy framework. So let’s dive in. 


Before I started my business, a lot of my marketing experience in my agency days felt very prescriptive and robotic. While there were some exciting projects I got to work on, there was a very cut-and-dry approach to how we built a strategy, created a plan, and executed each of the pieces of that plan. We knew we needed to send emails and post on social media a certain amount of times, we knew where we needed to be and for how long, depending on the campaign the client was running.


In many ways, it felt very cold and hollow, particularly because I was working on brands that I didn’t have a connection with. With those clients, it felt like these brands were shouting from the rooftops, hoping someone would listen and buy something from them. 


I worked on a variety of clients, from CPG to tech, from software as a service (SAAS) to oil companies and banks, and all of these consumer products. It all felt the same, even though the details were slightly different. The goal was just to get out in front of as many people as possible, shouting about what we were selling and hoping someone would buy it. 


There were a lot of processes and very little magic in the marketing strategies & tactics that we were using.


The magic was only a very small percentage of the entire project, like maybe 5%, and the rest was very much process-oriented to get the message out there. 


To be honest, this is one of the big reasons I decided to strike out on my own and work with online entrepreneurs. Not only are most entrepreneurs driven by purpose, but their purposes have been something I too can get behind, and that has made a world of difference.


We all have our own purpose, and that purpose drives us in different ways, whether it's related to how we earn an income, our job, or our role in the world. It drives some of us to make the decision to start a business. And if you’re listening here, you’re one of those people. 


Purpose has called you to create, grow, and build your own business. One of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest challenge, for new entrepreneurs is to get themselves and their businesses seen and heard by the people that they can serve the best. This is where crafting a very strong marketing strategy comes in.


But the biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make when they start to market their business is that they get so focused on what channels they’re using and how many times they’re posting that they forget to sprinkle in their own magic to the marketing process. If that’s you, I don’t blame you one bit. 


In fact, this was very much me in the first year or two of my own business. I was so focused on the fact that I needed to post 4 times a week and do all the recommended things, it almost turned me into a robot saying, "I don't even care what the content is, I just need to make sure something gets out there." 


There is SO much going on and so many things to DO when you are building a business, and it’s easy for your marketing to just be one of those things that get added to your to-do list.


But the problem is, when you get too focused on the process, you forget the beauty of your magic and the magic that is underneath that marketing and that content that you're putting out there. This is not your fault. 


This process-focused marketing strategy is what is commonly and widely taught in the online world. When you see ads for people who are marketing experts online, you know, they talk about their exact process. You can follow their step-by-step process, and it's super easy to get caught up in the process and completely ignore or push aside the magic that is what makes the process successful.


When I left my agency job and started working exclusively with online entrepreneurs, I vowed to do things differently for both myself and my clients, to not just help online entrepreneurs market their businesses, but to help you tap into your magic and use it to grow your business. This is where Radiant on Purpose comes in. 


This methodology is called Radiant on Purpose because when you are on purpose and creating freely from your own unique magic, there is a glow about you that is unmistakable. 


When you are glowing from the inside out, that is your aura glowing, and your aura is the marketing strategy of your business. The stronger that aura, the more potent and far-reaching your energy becomes, which is exactly the impact that you want your marketing strategy to have. 


I use human design and gene keys to uncover and unlock your magic and activate it in ways that you can apply it to your business. This is the marketing strategy framework I use to help you activate your own magic to market your business, and this is how we do it.


There are 3 pillars to the Radiant on Purpose methodology - Radiant Mission, Radiant Energy, and Radiant Message - and all 3 together are what make you Radiant on Purpose.



Radiant Mission


Your Radiant Mission is your north star as you build your business and helps you get crystal clear on what you’re here to DO in this lifetime. Your mission is when you unlock that magic and understand what your unique mission is as the foundation of your movement and marketing strategy. 


In this pillar, we dig into your human design type and authority, your incarnation cross, your gene key activation sequence, and your conscious design and we go into those specifics that are 100% unique to you.


You can get crystal clear on the 5 big pillars of your movement, business purpose, and brand strategy—you’re mission, vision, greater purpose, your audience of soulmate clients, and the transformation you facilitate for them. 


Your Radiant Mission is what creates energetic resonance with your soulmate clients and that deep, magical connection between you and them because your interests align. That energetic resonance is what really creates that deep inner connection between you and your soul mate clients.


Radiant Energy


Your Radiant Energy is your medicine that heals, strengthens, and expands your aura. It represents your physical vessel, which makes your magic and gifts more potent. It helps you get crystal clear on who you are here to BE in this lifetime. Your energy is your life force and vitality, and the motor behind your marketing strategy. 


In this pillar, we delve into your unconscious design, quantum design elements, and how your energy creates multi-sensory experiences for your audience, allowing them to experience your aura in its most potent form before you even say a word or read a sentence in your social media post. 


This pillar helps you get crystal clear on your values, your brand identity, personality, and voice, and the aesthetic appearance of your brand and business. 


Your Radiant Energy is what raises energetic awareness in your soulmate clients, piquing their interest in you, your gifts, and your mission, and gently drawing them into your electromagnetic field.



Radiant Message


Your Radiant Message is the potent and influential transmission of your business that is projected far and wide. When you have your Radiant Mission, that magic is unlocked and you're tapping into that. Then you get your physical vessel, your Radiant Energy is in place. Then you get that transmission. 


It helps you get crystal clear on how to leverage your innate gifts with less force and frustration to creatively express yourself and inspire others to take their own aligned actions.


Your Radiant Message is your loudspeaker and the lighthouse of your marketing strategy. In this pillar, we dig into your human design circuitry, your centers, your channels, and how to leverage these energies, giving you crystal clear on your framework, the journey your soul mate clients go on with you, through your offers, and your content strategy. 


Your radiant message is what creates energetic amplification of the movement you are creating with your message. Your voice transmission is the beautiful integration of your magic, gifts, and the potent energy behind them, and you send them out into the world.


So, when we consider these three pillars- your Radiant Mission, Radiant Energy, and Radiant Message, you can see why each one is so important to creating an impactful, magical and effective marketing strategy. 


Because if you don't have a Radiant Message, that third pillar, you remain heard but not seen, or even worse, you're unseen and unheard because your magic is never tapped into fully. And your marketing never really reaches your soul mate clients on that deeper level. 


If you don't have Radiant Energy, your marketing might get seen and heard but it's lacking that intrigue and that scintillation. 


If you don't have your Radiant Mission, your marketing strategy might look effective on paper because you're doing all of the steps to put yourself out there. The process of posting so many times a week and all of that but it's lacking that magic that establishes deep soul connections and creates quantum leaps in your business.


Each of these pillars plays a very specific role in your marketing strategy, and most traditional marketing coaches, teachers, and guides tend to focus on one or two aspects of these pillars.


Did you hear? Radiant on Purpose is now open!

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