3 Truths about Magnetic Marketing

3 Truths about Magnetic Marketing



In this episode, I'm going to be talking about the 3 foundational truths of magnetic marketing that you need to understand so that you can activate them in your own marketing strategy.


The term "magnetic marketing" is something that I hear now much more frequently than I've ever heard in my entire life. Magnetism was not a phrase or a term that existed before I started working in marketing. You may recall that I used to work in a corporate setting. They never referred to "magnetic marketing." It’s as if it never existed.


I remember first hearing the term "magnetic messaging" on a sales page. It was something that I read and sat with it for a while, and I was thinking about what this meant and why it's important, how it works and how magnetic marketing differs from the regular marketing that we were doing in that environment.


I thought about it more and realized that magnetic marketing is all about establishing connections between the person writing – You, as the person who is the leader of your business and who's sharing that content – and the person who's on the other end – who you're hoping is going to read it or is reading it and absorbing what you're putting out there.


Magnetic marketing is all about the connection between you and your ideal clients and the strength of the connection that you are able to develop.


Through the work that you put out into the world, that is what magnetic marketing is. If it's more magnetic, you're developing a deeper connection, a deeper connective, a stronger connective string between you and your ideal client. It's just a piece of content that someone sees and moves on from without really connecting and wanting to learn more about it.


So, to me, magnetic marketing is also when your words have a deeper meaning. The copy, images that you use, in your own marketing strategy, that ecosystem of assets and images, and all of those things. It's when all of those assets establish some sort of knowledge or feeling of safety with your audience.


It's something that just kind of gets them on the edge of their seat and wants them to learn a little bit more. Either learn a little bit more about you or a little bit more about what you know and what you're sharing or potentially take the step to work with you and continue that relationship with you. It's developing that connection.


Let’s use this business and marketing concept as a dating analogy. You go on that first taste on a first date and you're like, "I don't know."I don't know everything about this person, but I'm intrigued enough to find out more and maybe go on that second date.


I want to share an example from my own business. So a couple of years ago, when I was working as an online business manager, I hadn't really branched out into this human design or this energetic aspect, so I hadn't opened up this aspect of my business quite yet. I was still focused on the more tactical and the more truly just a business and action-taking type part of my business. I have a form on my website to schedule a call with me just to get to know me better and see What she needed was what I could offer, and vice versa, so I got on this call.


This wonderful person comes out of nowhere, and I'd never communicated with them. She wasn't following me on social media or anything, at least not before she scheduled that call. But when I was doing my homework, kind of getting to know her business a little bit more, looking at her social media profiles, looking at her website, and trying to get a feel for her business, I was like, "Wow, this is a really great potential client. I really love what she does.”


So, hopefully, things align, we get on the call, and the first question I always ask is, "How did you find me?" She goes on to tell this story where she says that she started googling things like, "How to find a good online business manager," She was going pages and pages deep on Google looking for people who felt like they would be a good fit for her and her business." She's a very relationship-driven person. She doesn't want to work with robots. She wants to work with people she could be friends with in real life.


She said she was something like 8 or 9 pages deep in Google and she came across my website. I didn't know much about SEO at the time but at least I was there, I guess, and she clicked on my website. She's scrolling around, and she's said, "This person might be right for me."


There are a lot of marketers out there selling this phrase, magnetic marketing. They are selling it as an offer like it's what you need in order to be able to build your business, grow your business, make six figures, or do all of these things.


If you're someone who's either new to online business in general or if you're someone who doesn't really have a background in marketing at all, whether it's magnetic messaging or magnetic marketing, you're probably just wondering, You might be still unsure about what that is, or you might be asking how to do this with your own marketing content so that you can not just get in front of your ideal clients, but so that you can actually connect with them as well and get them to lean in and feel that pull toward you and your work.


Magnetic marketing is not just what gets you in front of your ideal clients, but it also helps you actually establish that connective string, that connective thread that I was just talking about, so that you can actually establish a resonance or connection with them as well.


That gets them to lean in and feel that pull towards you and your work, and that is all that pull and that lean into you and your work, that peak of interest that you know piqued their interest a little bit. That’s based on connection. The resonance that happens when you connect to them, and that is the basis of what magnetic marketing is, in a short way to describe it.


If you are looking to implement more magnetic content into your marketing strategy, here are 3 truths that you must understand in order to do it effectively. Once you understand these 3 truths, then that will lay the foundation that will help you build a marketing strategy on top of that helps you connect and help those ideal clients kind of lean in and then take action to start that relationship with you or build and grow that relationship with you. So let’s dive in

First Magnetic Marketing Truth: Your Frequency is Important.


In the Law of Attraction, it’s often said that “Like Attracts Like”. So what does that mean exactly? It's a law of the universe and it's spoken about a lot through Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction. On one level, you are attracted to others who share the same interests and goals as you because you resonate with the things you have in common.

You will be overjoyed if that person recommended a book that you love. You want to get to know them better so that you can see what else they are talking about and recommending. When thinking about the content, people who need my services will also be interested in learning/understanding how I do this...

On another level, your external reality is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Not able to attract any potential clients? Maybe it’s because you don’t feel worthy of holding space for them, or you don’t fully believe in what you are offering or your ability to deliver on it. If your external world doesn’t reflect what you were hoping it would, that comes down to doing the internal work.


This is where really leaning into your human design and gene keys come in handy and what I help my clients with is understanding what their own is and how it applies to their marketing strategy. So all that I do and all that I speak about with human design and gene keys is really to help people get to the root of that inner frequency and that inner vibration so they can create the inner reality and the inner state and it’s like cultivating the inner state that creates the outer state.

Second Magnetic Marketing Truth—In order to attract, you must also repel.

When it comes to magnetism, and especially in the context that it’s used for online entrepreneurs, the tendency is to focus only on attracting. However, magnets have two equally-charged poles, one that attracts and one that repels.


If you are looking to strengthen the magnet with which you are attracting, you have to put just as much energy and intention into repelling clients that are not a good fit or that you don’t want to work with.


I had to work with a bunch of different clients to really hone in on what I did and didn’t want in one, and that is part of the experience of starting a business, but once you know what you don’t want, it’s important to make that very clear through your marketing.


In traditional marketing, this is why so many marketers and marketing experts put an emphasis on niching or creating an ICA so that you can speak very clearly to the type of person you do and don’t want to work with.


I don’t believe in niching or creating an ICA or target market the way it’s traditionally done, but I DO believe that you need to draw a line in the sand and make a stand about both what you want to attract and what you want to repel to increase the potency and strength of your magnet.

Third Magnetic Marketing Truth: Your magnetic frequency needs to be channeled into tactical and consistent content activations.


I see this mistake made all the time. Where a client does the inner work, gets clear on whom they want to magnetize and call in, and then you go down one of these paths. You do nothing because you have no idea where to start.


You decide you need to be present everywhere and build this massive content strategy. Get frustrated or burn yourself out, only to go into hiding a month or two later just to recover.


You can start small and pick one or two marketing channels that you hear are the best to grow your business right now, even though something about at least one of them doesn’t feel right or in alignment for you, leaving you frustrated because your marketing isn’t getting any traction and you’re at a loss for what to do next.


So, recently, a lot of people get into Tiktok, and I was like, “do I get on Tiktok or do reels? It's a great way to grow your audience.” But a lot of people will go all-in on it and then it just totally burns them out because it's not the way that they are best at expressing themselves, and so they kind of go down that path of "I did it now what?" because that's a great way to grow your business, but you don't like it. It feels weird, and I'm not even gaining an audience anyway, because the energy's not there.


Personally, I have gone down all 3 of those paths at some point in my own journey. But the truth is that if you aren't putting yourself out there in ways that you can be seen and heard by your ideal clients consistently, then it really is challenging to get traction and to create that magnetic connection between your ideal clients.


I'll admit that I don't know the exact number, and I probably should have looked it up, but I do know that even ten years ago, marketing research showed that it takes at least seven or eight touch points before a potential customer knows, likes, and trusts you enough to take the next action step with you. So it takes different Instagram posts. Maybe it takes seeing a few emails and then they have to go to your website and it's at least 10 if not more different touch points before someone thinks they know and like you and trust you enough to maybe schedule that discovery call with you.

So if you aren’t putting yourself out there at all, or you are inconsistent in the all-out then burn-out cycle or you aren’t showing up in places where your ideal customers are when they are in a curious and intentional mindset and showing up in aligned and sustainable ways, then even the most magnetic marketing will fail to attract your ideal customers.


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