5 steps to align your human design with your business

5 steps to align your human design with your business



In this episode, I'm going to be sharing my five-step process to align your business with your human design. This process is applicable regardless of where you are in your human design experiment and business journey. So let's dive in.


When most people find me—either through this podcast or my website or social media—they are usually at the point where they have discovered human design and maybe have even gone down the rabbit hole to learn all about it. They are at the point where the knowledge of human design is basically sitting in a silo in their brain and they might have a business, might be thinking of starting a business in one silo, and then there's this other silo of all of this human design information. And they're at the point where they really want to start combining those silos together.


They want to start taking action to apply human design in their lives, but they just don't know how to do it yet. They're really looking to understand how they can begin to integrate these two worlds together, and I'll admit that as someone who has an open head and a defined Ajna, I definitely found myself in this place too where I had all of this information. I'd gone down the rabbit hole, plus I had all this experience in my day-to-day job that I was applying in my business.


What I was doing for my clients was in totally separate brain space, and I sat with this huge reservoir of human design information just taking up space in my brain, and it took a while for me to actually figure out how to apply it to my business idea and my business itself.


Even once I made the decision to start taking steps to apply it and to actively integrate it into what I was doing, I truly began to realize that what my design was telling me was actually somewhat counterintuitive to conventional advice, which was quite confusing to navigate. That is why, with my defined Ajna and 5 line in my profile, I turned the process I used to piece together the application of my design into my business into a process and framework that I am now sharing with you. I go into this process in-depth, and even include a workbook for you to walk through it yourself in my new free workshop series-"Human Design Marketing Strategy & Business Alignment."


There's a cycle to this roadmap where you go through five steps and then you will probably repeat this process as you refine your business and embody your human design. As you get deeper and deeper into the layers of your alignment, there's always going to be a thought. Things that you can apply in a new and more refined way to combine these two silos of information. 


What I love about this process is that it works deeply. You have your human design information and possibly what you know to be true about yourself and your business, and it also works with your intuition. As a result, the alignment goes much deeper than most other human design readers.


What I love about this process is that it works deeply with the wisdom at hand and with your own intuition so that the alignment goes much deeper beyond the surface level that most other human design readers might stop at. So let’s dive into the 5 steps to align your business to your human design:


Step 1- Understanding


If you are looking to apply pieces of your human design outside of your business this actually works no matter how you choose to integrate your human design. But we'll be talking about your business specifically in this first step.


What You Learn- You've either learned something new about your human design. Either a new element or a new interpretation of something that you knew or you either learned something like a new element or have a new interpretation of something that you already knew but you're just seeing it with a different set of eyes. Because this is you will come back to this step when you revisit elements of your human design to integrate your wisdom at an even deeper level.


Outcome- The outcome is a piece of New Knowledge that you get.


Based on my earlier story where a lot of people are at in their own human design experience, experiment, and journey when they find me they have a little bit of knowledge of the human design or maybe they're holding on to a whole library of information about their human design and it’s a matter of - now what?


I want you to just pick one thing you learned that you would like to apply in your own life and we will go from there.


Common Mistake- The common mistake that people make at this specific stage is searching for more “answers” without ever progressing into the next steps needed to apply the knowledge to your life & business. They instead need to focus on embodying, integrating, and aligning their knowledge into applying it to action. 


Reflection- This step is really about the reflection- what is this information telling me?


So if you're someone who's stuck in the step you might be just diving in and creating that library of information in your brain without actually applying any of it to your own life, effectively keeping those silos intact. So, I want you to reflect if you're at this stage. What is this information that I just learned or see now in a different way? What is it telling me?


Example- So the projector strategy of waiting for the invitation, so if you're at this step and what you're deciding to take through this process, I want you to reflect on what the projector strategy is for waiting for the invitation. What is it actually telling you? But what does that actually mean? I want you to just reflect on that. You can journal on it. You can spend a moment contemplating it from a practical standpoint?


Step 2 - Awareness


You're going to focus on this the new knowledge in this process and now you are bringing more awareness to it.


What You Learn- In this step, you assess your current environment and reality to see how it compares to the knowledge you just acquired. You will intuitively assess if moving in the direction of integrating your new knowledge feels more in alignment it would incrementally transform your energy for the better. You are asking yourself not just if you are currently applying this information in your business, but you will also be assessing if this knowledge actually feels aligned with you and feels correct if you aren't. Your intuition is so important here.


If this knowledge or approach does not feel correct for you, I have a podcast for that. Check out episode #36 if aspects of your human design feel wrong, boring, discouraging, or unimportant.


If you are at the point where this feels really good and you really want to start taking the steps now that you have that awareness of what the environment is like, and you feel called to actually integrate it and take the steps to fully apply it in the context of your business, then you can take a step forward and continue on in this process.


Outcome - The outcome of this awareness step is to create New Contrast.


As you know, as the projector waited for an invitation, I noticed that there were aspects of my marketing strategy that I was actively pushing. I was going out and initiating, and I was like, "Okay, well it feels like that felt forceful and it feels better." It definitely feels intuitively better for me to figure out how to wait for the invitation instead. 


For example, my sales process was much more about waiting for the invitation than some of my outward marketing. But in terms of social media, it was a little bit more exciting. So I was like, okay, so my sales process feels really good, I don't have to worry about that right now in this context, but I do need to re-think how I'm doing social media. At this stage, all you're doing is figuring out where that contrast exists.


Common Mistake – The common mistake is you might feel discouraged if there’s a huge gap in the wisdom you learned and what you've assessed and brought awareness to and your current reality.


Another big mistake is ignoring your intuition about what feels lighter and/or more expansive to you. So it’s really important to just be grateful for where you're at and be grateful that you have this new awareness.


Even if it feels like there's a huge gap and you're not sure how to resolve it yet and make sure again I'm going to stress so much here is that you listen to your intuition.


Reflection - This step is really about reflection like, what I'm doing currently? How is that reality and does it feel better? What do I want it to be and how is that what needs to change or what needs to evolve?


Example: Where in my business do I currently ‘wait to respond’ and how does it feel? Where in my business do I not ‘wait to respond’ and how does it feel? If I were to ‘wait to respond’ in these situations instead, does it feel better/lighter/more expansive?


At any point now or going forward, if it doesn’t feel intuitively correct to move forward with applying that piece of human design wisdom to your business, go ahead & let it rest and pick something new to explore & possibly apply. 


Step 3 – Contemplation


This step is where you allow yourself to create the space to reflect and receive what you need to do or who you need to be.


What You Learn- In this step, you allow yourself the space to reflect & receive what you need to refine your energy so you can change your thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives. You may also realize that in order to effectively take steps forward that there are things you will also need to release so your energy can expand. Creating space to reflect and receive is just as important as taking aligned action and this step is truly where the magic happens


It is the sacred pause that allows clarity to flood through, and that shows you what needs to be added, rearranged, or released to move forward on a new timeline.


Outcome - The outcome of this step is that you can see your current environment and reality from a New Perspective.


You may also realize that in order to effectively take steps forward, there are going to be things that you also need to release so that your energy can expand. 


So, in my case, I'm the projector, waiting for the invitation and focusing specifically on social media. I was doing this strategy where I was being a little bit more proactive where I was DM-ing people or commenting on people's posts and making myself known in that way in order to see it. 


But to create this contemplation and create that space to see things with a new perspective, I had to just pause. And I actually took a little bit of a break from social media in a way, as I was still kind of posting but I created space from that so that I could come back to my center and feel okay if this were a blank slate. 


What would my social media strategy and activities look like if I were waiting for the invitation instead? I want you to think about creating space, whether that means releasing things temporarily or permanently. That's really important because it creates space to reflect and to receive this new perspective is just as important. 


Common Mistake The common mistake that happens in this step is trying to force the timeline before you are ready and becoming impatient with the lack of results. So sometimes, when you need space, you create that space to receive and reflect. You can't put that on a timeline necessarily, and so for most of us. 


If you want things to happen or want things to happen quickly, it can be really frustrating and so forcing the timeline or forcing yourself to get through this step on a certain timeline is a big mistake. It’ll complicate the path going forward because you haven't had a chance to really see things from a new perspective. By forcing the timeline of this step before you are ready and by becoming impatient by the lack of results overcomplicating the path forward.


Reflection - In this step, you reflect on what new beliefs I need to adopt and what new Beliefs I need to release to be more in alignment when it comes to taking action to align your design with something in your business?


Example - What is preventing me from ‘waiting to respond’ in these situations? Is it a certain belief, thought, perspective, or triggered response?


Step 4: Embodiment


In this step, you take ownership of the transformation you wish to create in the world and your part in it.


What You Learn- It’s time for you to really take ownership of that transformation that you wish to create in the world and your part in it, specific to this context of your human design in the context of your business or your life. It's really about beginning to make the incremental changes to your internal and external environment that inch you closer to that more aligned version of yourself and expand the reach and impact of your own energetic field. You will be experimenting a lot during this time so it’s important to give yourself grace.


This is really about the small, daily changes that add up over time. You may or may not see the impact of all these little changes right away. It might take you a while. The changes might be a little bumpy, feel unnatural at first, or take some time while you get the hang of it, and all of that is normal and okay.


Outcome – By focusing on the small daily things and incremental changes over time, the outcome of this step is creating a New Reality for you and your business.


You're creating a new reality because you're actually working with your energy, with your energetic blueprint; you're working with your human design. And sometimes it takes a while for things to sift and sort themselves out when you get to this step. It's totally okay if it feels a little bumpy because you're literally creating a new timeline.


Common Mistake – You're creating new energy and a common mistake that I see at this stage is creating overwhelm by forcing that incremental change too quickly while your nervous system is still adapting. It's almost like being afraid of the consequences and the backlash. That might come from friends and family and potential clients in your audience as you begin to shift, so make sure you just focus again on the small changes over time. Give your nervous system time to adapt. Give it time to fully soak in your energy.


Reflection – If you're in this step, just reflect on how you can become more aligned and impactful through your actions on a daily basis.


How can you act from a more aligned place each day? We're talking about business here. But how does this apply to things outside of your business too? For me, it was like I was thinking about how I was waiting for the invitation. Of course, I see that in the social media context, but as I started focusing on that in no specific context in my life.


Example- What processes, touchpoints, or mindful moments can I incorporate into my business that will empower me to ‘wait to respond’ more until it becomes a habit?


 Step 5: Activation


In this step, the expanded & elevated version of you begins to emerge, creating a ripple effect that impacts the energetic field of your business as you journey ahead.


What You Learn- Sometimes you need to start small and then that impact will ripple out into different areas of your life, which gets me to this step number five, which is activation. This is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.


You receive clarity that illuminates the path in front of you, expanding your reach. It calls you into aligned action on behalf of your business, amplifying your impact. Your actions create even more clarity and wisdom.


This step is all about the ripple effect that happens when you get into the flow. The shifts become easier, more natural, and require way less of your brainpower to commit and execute. You’ve unlocked a new frequency and this is how all the inner work you’ve done begins to impact the external world. 


Outcome - This step will result in New Expansion as this ripple effect builds and expands and you know you are expanding as well.


Common Mistake - In this step, a common mistake is that you are deliberately disconnecting the spirit of your business from your own energetic frequency instead of seeing it as a holistic ecosystem holding on to aspects of the business that need to be released.


Reflection - In this step, you can reflect on how you can tap into this elevated frequency to enrich, enhance, and grow your purpose-driven business. 


So at this point, perhaps you feel pretty good about how you've integrated this one piece of wisdom about your human design into your business, or maybe you've been taking furious notes and you intend to go back.


I'm kind of more of that latter type where I like to digest things in my own time. But I think no matter where you're at this point, you can take a sacred pause and let this process sink in. 


Think about how you can add this process to your own human design experiment. How can you get into the deeper layers of the embodiment with this wisdom?


Example: Does my marketing strategy honor my own strategy of ‘waiting to respond’? If not, how can I integrate it into my business? Where else is the spirit of my business calling for a change in this area?


 From Understanding to Awareness to Contemplation to Embodiment to Activation each time you go through this process, it will likely be completely different—it might be something you can work through in a day, or it might be something that takes weeks or months to truly work through. For me, the projector strategy of waiting for the invitation was more of the latter, something that I really had to contemplate and practice embodying for months before it truly clicked for me whereas other things are much simpler but everyone is different.


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