5 ways I've refined my marketing strategy using human design

5 ways I've refined my marketing strategy using human design



In this episode, I’m going to be sharing all about the 5 very specific ways that I’ve used my human design to refine my own marketing strategy. Let’s dive in!


Just because I'm someone who has over a decade of marketing experience doesn't mean that I always get it right when it comes to my own marketing strategy, at least not right away. Especially in the early days of building a business when it’s easy to get bombarded with the overwhelming volume of messages and advice about what is the best or only way to market your company. 


Creating an intuition-led Business and marketing strategy means getting above all the noise so you can determine what is best for you and your business. Sometimes that noise makes it very hard to make the right decision for you when it comes to your marketing strategy.


Yes, of course, it helps to understand the fundamentals and the terminology of marketing and sales so that your magic can flow within the structure of actual strategic tactics you could use to grow your business. Yes, there are practical and tangible tips you can implement to refine & enhance the direction your intuition is telling you to go.


But ultimately, the only way that you can build and grow your business sustainably and with the most alignment possible is to strengthen your own intuition and use that intuition as your source of truth when it comes to your business and marketing strategy. 


Human Design and gene keys are the primary tools in my toolset that I use to help you strengthen your intuition. Even though I am a marketing “expert” who is well into her Human Design experiment there have been a number of times where I too fell victim to the outside messaging that tried to offer one solution to my business problem.


If you are feeling pulled in a bunch of different directions when it comes to the best way to market your business, you are not alone. Even though I am someone who well understands all of these tricks and icky tactics, I still feel like there have been there many more times than I can count. 


I too fell into some of those traps, for lack of a better word, however, the more deeply I’ve integrated my human design & gene keys & used them to strengthen my intuitive muscle so I can get above the noise, the more clear & aligned my marketing strategy has become and the more FUN it’s been to promote my own work because I'm doing it from a place that's in alignment with my higher self.


I will be honest. Using your human design and gene keys to strengthen that intuitive muscle is not necessarily an instantaneous process, but each step that you take in the right direction will be both exciting and feel like a breath of fresh air. It allows you to feel into the next, most aligned step for you.


So, what are some of the changes that I've made to my own marketing strategy? Leaning into my human design blueprint and listening to my own intuition, I'm about to give you some very specific examples so you can see the outcome of me going through this process of not just learning about my human design and gene keys but in actually integrating them. 


As I said, these aren't all changes that happened overnight. I think it's been about a year and a half, almost two years for some of these changes to happen. They are things that have uncovered themselves as I’ve dove deeper into my own energetic blueprint and strengthened my intuition, a process I share in my free workshop series-human design marketing strategy & business alignment-which I will explain more about at the end.


So let's get into the 5 ways that I've refined my own marketing strategy using human design to validate and strengthen my intuitive muscles. 


First- I launched the Frequency & Flow podcast based on elements of my human design.


So what specifically about my human design led to that?


I would say this is one of the things that took me a long time to come to this realization. It was something if you had asked me about starting a podcast, like even a year ago, I would have said no way, never starting a podcast. I don't think so, not for me, but the more I really got deeper into my design.


I have the 43-23 channel, gate 43 which goes from Ajna to my throat. It is called the Channel of Structuring. It is also called the freak to genius channel that defines the Ajna center and Throat center. 


When I began experimenting with that aspect of my human design, my splenic authority kicked in and I started hearing the message, "You're going to start a podcast, get ready.” Then there came a period of six months to a year of me battling with myself about the message I was hearing. 


Finally, I surrendered to the messages that I was getting and here I am with a podcast. In addition to the 23-43 Channel of Structuring and the defined throat center, it was also, for me, a lot about my 5/1 energy and the profile of the 5/1, and being able to offer solutions from a broad body of knowledge. 


Having a broad body of knowledge, like when I started brainstorming topics that I could talk about, the list became super long really quickly because I knew that there were a lot of things that I could offer my take on in a way that felt really easy and natural. Podcasting to me feels like using my voice as a defined throat. It felt really easy to me as well. So that was the first thing and well, to say, I had those messages for over a year and I only actually launched my podcast in January of this year, so sometimes things take time.


Second: - The next very tangible thing that I did with my marketing strategy was creating content that works from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) perspective using tactics like blogs and creating content for YouTube channel.


Sometimes I take these podcasts that I'm doing and I turn them into blog posts as well. So where did that come from in my human design? First of all, as a projector, I am a non-sacral being. Before I had this realization, I had done some SEO-focused content and in, 2019 and 2020, I did start a blog. 


I'm actually still getting traffic from blogs that I wrote in 2019 and 2020. And in 2021 specifically, and maybe even part of 2020, I was doing a lot of Instagram content, where most of the content that you do is great for like 48 hours and then it disappears.


And as a projector and a non-sacral being, it was very exhausting and I burned myself out multiple times, including the summer of 2021, probably the most recent and biggest burnout that I had in terms of social media, trying to just keep up with the normal content cycle of things like Instagram and just sending emails all the time. 


That got so exhausting and I went through that cycle of burnout over and over and over again until I realized that I wasn’t creating content that lasts. Content that can work for me even when I put it out into the world and can continue working for me for days, weeks, and months after I hit publish felt as good for me as a projector and a non-sacral being.


Another thing about being a projector that makes SEO feel really good for me and work really well for me is that the strategy of a projector is to wait for the invitation. 


There's a lot of confusion about what that means from a marketing perspective for projectors because a lot of the marketing tactics and strategies out there say you need to send messages, need to DM people and you need to reach out. For me, SEO is a great strategy when it comes to waiting for an invitation. That strategy of projectors is great because it allows you to put that footprint of you and what you do and how you do it out into the world.


For someone to find you and then invite you, they either invite you by sending you an email, or they sign up for your free offer. As a result, it’s like you make yourself known by putting content out there and then you get invited to meet someone. They find you, trust you, and then they invite you to the next step. 


Third- My human design helped me de-prioritize Instagram as a marketing channel.


I previously stated, that my undefined sacral as a projector was a huge deconditioning step for my human design. And how that translated into marketing is that it told me not that I needed to escape Instagram completely, or leave it, but to put less of my focus and time into it. 


This has been a super important marketing strategy transition and it's not been easy to release it because I think it's a very common platform. It's what a lot of people use on a daily basis. It's what a lot of people turn to and it's a lot of people's primary source of content. And so I even catch myself at times questioning the decision to put less of my focus on Instagram and more of my focus on other things, and then I always circle back.


When I think about picking back up to the Instagram posting pace that I was keeping in 2021 when I burned out on it really badly, I think about how bitter I was in those moments of projector bitterness when I was spending so much time on content and I couldn't get to anything else to grow my business – I couldn't build the program that I wanted to build, I couldn't promote my paid offers, and in other ways, I couldn't live my life because I was so busy creating content for Instagram. 


That bitterness that was just building up inside of me. I knew I had to do something about it. I started putting less of my time on Instagram. 


Fourth- The next way that I've refined my marketing strategy using my human design is that it is more content-focused rather than tactic-focused.


I'm sharing more things from behind the scenes now than ever before. I'm currently going through sharing a lot more of that with you than before, so back in 2021 when I was more on Instagram, it was hard to get into the realness of it. What's happening behind the scenes when on Instagram you only have so many characters you can put into a post and it's maybe an image or a short video? That's another reason too. Why I've creating a podcast felt very validating to me as well because I could get more into the realness of it. Because Yes, I have a lot of experience, and yes, maybe I'm a few steps ahead of you in your business journey and steps ahead of you in your human design experiment. 


But I'm still learning, growing, and making mistakes too. And I felt like I couldn't authentically express myself the way that I was doing content before. It was critical for me, and it feels great, to be open about my ups and downs and learning experiences along the way so that I could share them with you and possibly help you on your journey. I love being transparent and sharing these things.


I think the feedback that I got was that if you're listening, you love these things too, and so that felt real. So it's much better for me to be honest and transparent with you as I do it and not just pretend that everything's all rainbows and butterflies over here all the time because it's not normal or okay. 


So where do I get this content realness thing happening in my human design? 


There are 2 places. First is my unconscious earth. Which is in gate or gene key 59, which is all about vulnerability and transparency, and with the shadow being dishonesty. When I felt that for my business, I was feeling into what dishonesty meant for me. And then I realized what it meant to be more transparent and vulnerable. I realized that the way I was creating content a year ago, I wasn't able to share the full story, I couldn't share the behind-the-scenes.


Where I couldn't be candid with where I was at and where I am at, it didn't feel like I was. The other thing that has been really instrumental, what I'm doing, and how I can help you is through the 38/28 channel. It's commonly known as the "Channel of Struggle." 


It's also known as the channel of perseverance, and there's a big theme of living a life worth living, living a purposeful life, seeking purpose or finding purpose in your life. 


By sharing myself more transparently, I am helping others get through the same struggles that I'm facing and persevering through them and finding hidden sources of tenacity that they never knew they had—that's really hard to share in one email or one Instagram post, and again, that's why I've come to rely on the podcast as being a primary source of content for me.

Fifth-The another big way that I refined my marketing strategy using my human design is through content that I share more practical solutions. 


A lot of tips and knowledge come through what I teach and I aim to share these learnings as a simple solution. Some of my podcasts on this site are a little denser and have a lot more dense information and that is definitely my 5-1 profile coming through.


It's solution-oriented, but there is a lot of information at it’s base. And so I kind of go back and forth or try to integrate these solutions and knowledge and mix them with the realness, and sometimes the pieces of this marketing that I'm doing are more focused on the solutions and sometimes it's a mix of both, but the more that I felt into my design, the more it came really clear that those are the 2 big buckets that I feel really good setting intentions behind when I create content, like setting and putting those intentions into the content that I create.


And now I actually have a bonus that isn't necessarily related to marketing but is more related to how I’ve refined my sales process using human design and one of the big things that I've done in the past six months is restructuring my offers. 


All of my offers are now evergreen, so you can purchase anything, you can invest with me in anything that I offer at any time, and yes, there might be times when I do promotions of some sort. There might be times when I really focus on one offer versus another offer.


But you can join any of my offers at any time, and that's very intentional for many reasons. It's important to me from an integrity perspective, but also from a human design perspective. I have a defined root and my defined root puts a lot of pressure on other people, the pressure to act. 


So, being aware of the fact that my design puts pressure on other people to take action, I wanted to do my best to create an environment for other people where they don't feel unnecessarily pressured into making decisions and making purchases just because they're influenced by my energy.


This also has to do with some of the de-conditioning that I've done around my Ego center. But I think honestly. As I was outlining this, I think I might do a whole other episode on deconditioning my ego because I think that's a very big topic and an important one for many people because there's a lot of conditioning in the ego that people need and want to be free from.


I want to do my best to nurture the people who come into my energy so that I don't just perpetuate that pressure onto other people needlessly. That was kind of more of a sales tip or a way that I've changed my sales strategy according to my human design, but it's really important for me. 


Even though, again, a lot of these things may or may not make sense from a marketing best standpoint, they made sense for me and they felt really good. They're really intuitive decisions and really aligned according to my human design, so that means they're the right decision for me. 


So, as you make decisions about your own marketing strategy and what makes sense for you. What do you think? Does any of this resonate with you? The beautiful thing about human design is that even though you might have similar human design elements to me, your intuition might be telling you something totally different about your own marketing strategy and that is totally normal & ok. 


Because when it comes to growing your business, it’s your intuition that needs to be running the show, supported by tools & modalities such as human design that help you refine & strengthen your intuition muscles. 


And if you’re like me and you naturally are a more logical or action-oriented person or at least were conditioned to be that way, this process can take some trial & error to get right, and that’s ok. You know, this process can take some time to strengthen that intuition, to trust your intuition, and to surrender sometimes to what it's telling you, like me starting this podcast. It can take some trial and error to get it right.

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