Your first step with human design & why it's important

Your first step with human design & why it's important



In this episode, I'm going to be sharing all about the first step that you should take with your human design. What I would do personally if I were to discover it all over again. And why is this first step is so important. So let's dive in.


When I first found human design, I thought it was the answer to all my prayers. I was in a place where I felt very lost, unsure of myself, and I didn’t trust myself enough to know what to do about it. This was all way before I launched my business when I was still working at an agency job that just was not a fit for me. That job was not an alignment at all when I discovered human design and so I dove in. 


I literally bought all the books and read them cover to cover, seeking the answers to all my questions. It wasn’t the first time I had done this, but human design seemed like the best possibility for an answer to all of my questions about why I was in such a weird  unknown place in my life.


We despise living in the questions and we despise not knowing what to do. Having open questions like this is almost painful. It's hard for us to even bear at times. Sometimes the question might be something easy to answer, other times you might be at rock bottom trying to find your way out… but sitting in the unknown can be painful.


When I found human design, I was at one of those more rock-bottom questions and would do anything to find an answer that would help me out, and from a human design perspective. This pressure to get your questions answered and to get out of the question predominantly comes from the head center. Your head center is a pressure center where the pressure you’re dealing with is to ask & answer questions.


If you have that center defined, the pressure is consistent and comes internally. You have that consistent pressure internally to ask questions and to get your questions answered. If you have this center undefined, that pressure ebbs and flows depending on your environment, situation, and who you are surrounded by. And when I found a human design, I hoped so deeply that it was the tool that would provide the answers and solutions to my own problems. And I find many people I meet who are on the newer side of human design place the same hope in it too.


But the truth is that human design is not a solution. It is a tool, and an effective tool at that. But it is just a tool that helps us get to that answer. It doesn't provide the answer. 


So if you’re new to human design, and you have gone down the rabbit hole because you’re hoping it will give you an answer, Let me explain where you should actually start with your human design experiment and what I would do if I were to start my own experiment all over again. 


As I mentioned, human design is not a solution. It is a tool and a system that can help you better connect to your true self, strengthen and validate your intuition, and be more aware and mindful of the situations, circumstances, and environments that might pull you away from your most magical, unique, and authentic self, and helps you practice getting back into alignment quickly and effectively.


Human design can also give you clarity on a lot of things, including your soul purpose, in this life adventure you’re on like we dive into in my program Radiant on Purpose, where we look into your incarnation cross as one of the first steps of creating a soul-aligned marketing strategy.


However, if I were to start this entire experiment all over again, instead of just diving in and seeking all the answers without making any changes as to how I used the tool of human design in my life, I would start small. Implementing bits and pieces of my design, starting with my strategy, alignment cues of my signature, and not-self themes and authority. 


The first three things that I would like to start will help you become more integrated and embody your design at a base level. The more you tap into this foundation to strengthen your intuitive muscle, the more clarity you get. The more clarity you get, the easier it is to make the correct and aligned decisions for you. And those correct and aligned decisions are what help you ultimately live from a place of purpose because you are deeply connected to your truth and your highest self, guiding this way.


  1. Your Human Design Strategy: 


This is how you best exchange energy with the world. If you're a generator, your strategy is to wait to respond similarly if you're a manifesting generator your strategy is to wait for a response, then inform and initiate. As a manifestor , your strategy is to inform & initiate. As a projector, you wait for the invitation, as a reflector that's waiting for a lunar cycle, and as a manifestor that is informing and initiating that strategy depending on your type. 


  1.  Your Signature and Not-Self Alignment Cues:


These cues help you become better aware of when you are on track and when you need to reassess and make a change. So if you are peaceful, satisfied, or successful, and if you are surprised, you're on track, you're going in the right direction. As a generator and manifesting generator that is satisfaction and frustration versus frustration as a manifestor that is peace and anger as a projector that is success versus bitterness and resentment. And as a reflector, that is surprising versus disappointing, so when you know those two sides of the same coin. 


  1. Your Authority: 


So whether you're a sacral authority, emotional authority, splenic authority, heart/ego authority, self-projected authority, environmental/sounding board authority, or lunar authority. All of those authorities help you make intuitive decisions along the way.


When you discover this tool, you might go straight towards the deeper work, such as understanding your purpose while overriding, minimizing, or ignoring the things that seem basic. I know I did, which is why I’m advising you to not do it.


I went straight to trying to learn everything and I ignored the basics, such as my strategy, alignment, and authority, and that is why I'm advising you to not do it because now I know so much better. And I wish I had done this differently. It would have saved me a lot of heartache at the beginning of my human design experiment. 


The truth is that honoring and integrating the lessons of your strategy, alignment cues, and authority is critical to unlocking your own purpose. Experimenting with your design, and playing with its guidance, is a daily devotion to yourself, what you are here to do and be, in this lifetime. It's like telling the universe, "Yes, I am here to do everything I can be the best version of me to align with my highest self" when you align with those “basic” aspects of your human design.


I saw this analogy that I think will help, as I've been studying a lot deeper into incarnation cross the past few months, and this analogy from Brynja Magnusson in her eBook, Incarnation Cross: A Guidebook to Archetypes.


If you follow your strategy, alignment cues, and authority as your daily devotion, or your daily tasks, some of the deeper aspects of your human design, like your incarnation cross, are more like your job description. 


You do these daily tasks day after day and it opens those bigger callings up for you. This devotion can open up your intuition, strengthen your intuition, and get you in touch with the highest version of yourself through that process. This is how you unlock your purpose, you fulfill your purpose, and ultimately, you step into that highest version of yourself.


Your type and your strategy, your alignment, and your authority strengthen and help you follow your own intuition, which ultimately is what holds the key to your purpose. As I mentioned back in episode 33, the 3 signs are that you're activating your purpose through your business. Your purpose is not about what you are here to do, it’s about who you are here to BE, and your strategy, alignment, and authority are how you BE that purposeful version of yourself.


Your purpose is not an answer to your question. It is not a carrot at the end of a stick waiting for you to find it. It is the outcome of living in alignment with yourself after you’ve been living your strategy and authority. It is the reward for honoring your true self. 


To be in alignment with your greater purpose, you need to be in alignment at every level, and that includes the most "basic" level-your strategy and authority. So start with mastering that, and watch your purpose unfold as you use that intuitive muscle to dive deeper into your design in the days, weeks, and months ahead.


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