How can I use my gene keys prime gifts to speak to my audience? with Steph Wright

How can I use my gene keys prime gifts to speak to my audience?



In this episode, I'm speaking with Steph Wright about how she can use her gene keys – her life's work and evolution placements – to find and connect with her soul mate clients.


Steph Wright is a life coach for women, and she helps them love, trust, and believe in themselves so they feel empowered to move through any life transition. 


In spring 2019, she was in a business school leadership class, and on the paper, one of the questions was to get feedback from 3 people that you know and trusted, and she purposefully asked one of her friends she knew was always honest, and what she received she didn't love but it opened up the door to her healing journey. 


Since then, she has done therapy, every healing modality under the sun, and discovered life coaching and her experience with her was life-changing. After their time together, she just realized that she could do whatever she wanted, and that was empowering. She ended up getting her life coaching certification because she strongly believed that when women are empowered, magic happens. She left her corporate job after she had her baby and started her life coaching business.


She learned about human design a couple of years ago, but she doesn't know too much. She has seen a couple of those human designs, like Pdf readings, and she has always been fascinated because she has always been able to apply tools, like practical tools, to her life. Her personal blueprint has always fascinated her, but she does not know beyond her strategy, authority, and type.


What struggle or roadblock are you looking to dive into today through the lens of your human design & gene keys?


She is a new entrepreneur and had a long corporate career. But she is now realizing that what she learned in business school and through her corporate job is very different from entrepreneur life, and she wants help understanding how she can better connect with her soulmate clients.


She can still relate and think about identifying and knowing her consumers and how to talk to them, as every company that she has worked for has an established consumer and they have an established process. So she feels like in those situations you come in and you just do the process and find ways to make it better. Whereas being an entrepreneur, you're sort of at square zero where you don't have an established brand yet and you have to figure out how to get yourself out there and how to connect and meet with people. It's been challenging.


I can relate because I was also a marketer for over ten years in corporate and agencies before venturing into the world of online business. There was a huge learning curve for me even with all of that. And I went to business school, too, and so it's really interesting that it should be the same and there are concepts that are the same. But it's also so different how you get into business, how you start, building those pieces of your business, your offers, and the supporting things around them. You aren't alone and if you feel like there's almost a shame to it like, “I have all this experience, I paid all this money to get a degree and I have no idea what I'm doing,” just know you're not alone.  


What is her Human Design profile?


Steph Wright has the 6-line in her conscious profile, which plays the role of how you naturally connect with people consciously, and the sixth line is very much about being a leader and almost a teacher, and guiding people through the process that you've already experienced in some way. Traditionally, Line 6 has 3 phases to it, pre-Saturn return, when you're 28 to 30, post-Saturn return, and then when you get into your fifties, there's the third phase. 


The first like-phase of your life is all about just trial and error and going through a lot and learning those things that then you can, in the second and third phases, start applying them in different ways, so I think what she is starting to experience.


This churning of the waters right now is helpful because she can create a process or understand a process and this is the beauty of line 6. She likes to learn a lot so that it can teach a lot and empower others, which is very much what she likes. She is very passionate about helping others fulfill their purpose. It's part of her process. 


She just needs to be patient because she’s going to have to let herself learn the lessons the hard way and then you need to learn how to apply them. So she is in this phase where it's frustrating, which means you're not yourself or out of alignment. You're like, "I'm just frustrated,” but you know, part of that is just like, taking a breath and having some patience and knowing that what you're learning here, you will transmute it and those will become things that help you with, like, serving your clients and, obviously, along your journey."


It's the blessing of line 6 that she's in the second phase because she's past her Saturn return at this point, but when she gets into the third phase, that makes her a visionary, and able to see the future and guide people into the future, but the challenge to getting there is patience because she needs all of this life experience to get there. So it's like a blessing and a challenge all at the same time.That doesn't mean that you can't start applying what you've learned. It’s just a matter of inching closer and seeing things from a new perspective. 


She has a defined head and a defined Ajna together she has that constant pressure to ask questions and seek answers, and this actually comes up in some of the nuances of your chart. She has so much activation up in this region; the head in Ajna is like seeing that and being influenced by all that energy. She has her creativity, her own way of processing, and the way she comes up with new perspectives.      


She finds that she gets overwhelmed very easily, and when she steps away and takes breaks, she finds that more comes through and she feels a physical sense of relief. When she steps away, there's also that part of her mind saying no, but you have to be on Instagram because of the algorithm. Then you need to be seen, and people need to see you. She'll be active and present for a couple of weeks, and then she'll just get so drained that she fizzles away for a little bit, and then the cycle just repeats itself, so there's not a lot of consistency.


The primary challenge she’s facing is in her life is her gene keys Evolution. 


It's a challenge that comes up again in different ways over and over again. It appears differently, once she faces a challenge, then figures out how to raise her frequency, and she figures out ways to have a new perspective and get past it. But it will continue to reappear in her life in new & different ways. It doesn't always look the same because she learns and grows, but it's like it's the same theme that keeps coming up and so for her in her evolution, she has Gene Key gate 61.


Gene key/gate 61 is called the Gate of Mystery, but like mystery, it actually is in that head center. She has a lot of mental pressure asking questions and feeling that mental pressure, and she tries to get into the Why of it all. How she comes out of it is that she learns to exhale and release the things that aren't serving her, and she can make room for the creative manifestations and the creative things to come in. The way that she helps herself move past that is by releasing “What do I need to get rid of that frees up this space so that I can, like, be in my process?”


How she can use her human design to release those thoughts and questions that don't serve her                                                 


She has the human design of Ajna and Head centers defined, which makes her an over-thinker. In a nutshell, it's easy to get caught in those mental loops, and the advice that she has to learn how to rise above the challenge of this mental pressure that she is putting on herself all the time; to accept that she must live in the question and live without having those questions answered. She is being asked to trust and keep reminding herself to have that trust and that it's okay to have those questions. But she also needs to know that even though she’s seeing someone have success, and it feels like you should be on the same level as them, that doesn’t mean that’s her path. She does not know what was happening behind the scenes and just needed to trust that she is on the right path, live in that question, and accept that there's always going to be a question that you might not be able to answer or understand, and that's okay.                             


Her conscious earth energy is very grounding, and her conscious sun is her primary energy source. So it's just a matter of finding that balance or recognizing it and having them work together, and because she has this talent, she is able to do so. When she feels this mental pressure of asking all these questions, and that's what's kind of bringing her back down to Earth. She might find herself asking all these questions or getting caught up in the weeds. If so, she needs to ask herself, what do I need to get rid of so that I can just focus more on what it is most important? Is it the task at hand or what's in front of me? She can focus on what’s important instead of getting bogged down in the weight of everything else that I'm getting distracted by.


Her gene keys life's work is gate 62 its human design's name is Precision, and so it's almost like getting so caught up in facts and details and focusing on the words and the meaning of words, and it's very much about the structure of things. This gift is precision but it's about finding the balance between your head and heart. As a result, when you find yourself with too much in your head and you're not using your heart. So it's using that language to convey and be persuasive without getting caught up in the details of what words mean and their structure. 


What is her business takeaway from this Discussion?


She loved that and it feels supportive because sometimes you know there's that advice to not share too much about yourself because you don't want it to be your personal development journey, right? It's not really about you. And she thinks that it has been really hard for her to sort of bridge because she loves sharing her experience. She loves being able to share what she has learned and how she has gotten there, and she never wants to stop. 


She’s always been told there’s a certain way you should come across if you want to be taken seriously. This is the only way because it's not and that's what she finally feels comfortable with right now. It's not the only way, and everyone's journey is different, but just know that you are not alone. I am here with you, and this is how. I've been through it. It's just a thought worth considering.


She also thinks that she also agrees with that takeaway, but it's about trusting her heart and intuition. She thinks a lot of times that there will be ideas that come to her and she wants to offer or write about, but her mind is like, "No one's going to read that or no one cares about it, and here is the approved list of topics that we can write about and so she doesn't end up." She was writing about it and ended up sitting in front of her computer rowers trying to figure it out all right. Well, what? How do I write about this? I don't feel inspired. This session has given her permission to just write whatever sparks a light within her and to find that balance between head and heart and then to also just embrace line 6 of her Human Design.    


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