How New Entrepreneurs Can Start Using Marketing Metrics And Analytics

How new entrepreneurs can start using marketing metrics and analytics

Are you hiding from this one key area of your business? The one that unlocks the answers to what is actually working and what's not to help your business grow more quickly and easily. If you feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit that you've been avoiding looking at your marketing metrics and analytics up until now, you are not alone.

In this video, I will teach you the easiest way to start using marketing metrics and analytics to improve the performance of your business without the overwhelm.

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When I first started working with online entrepreneurs, I noticed that many were doing all the things marketing. Those entrepreneurs were stressed out and quickly burning themselves out. Why? Because they didn't know what was actually helping to grow their business and what wasn't getting any return on their investment of time and money.

The truth is in order to become a successful entrepreneur with a thriving business, you have to start looking at your metrics because when you know what works, you can pour more of your time, energy, and money into it. And you can cut out the rest. Adios burnout!

Feeling a little scared, or like you have a pit in your stomach right now. Don't worry. I've got you.

Before we dive into how you can start using marketing metrics and analytics. I want you to put your invisible blinders on because there are many entrepreneurs telling you about all the different ways that you can pull and look at data from all over the place in every which way they are not in the same place as you just ignore them, start right where you are, make progress from right where you are. And someday, yes, you can get there. But today is not the day.

Here are my four steps to getting started with marketing metrics and analytics today. Make sure you stick around for the two bonus tips at the end.

Step one, pick ONE platform.

So how do you decide? Pick something that seems either like the easiest for you to wrap your head around or the platform where you're investing the most time, energy and money, maybe that's Facebook ads, maybe your email provider or Google analytics just once you pick whatever that platform is, ignore everything else for right now.

Step two, ask a simple question.

What something is that you would like to learn from the data in that platform. For example, which page on my website is getting the most traffic or which ad is performing better, ad a or ad B.

Step three, look at one to two metrics only that will help you answer that question.

Maybe the metric is sessions or click through rate or open rate. Just keep it really simple. And again, just ignore the rest comment below and let me know, what is your favorite or most frequently used marketing metric.

And why step four? Ask WHY.

When you know the answer to your question using those one or two metrics, ask yourself why

The best part about step four is if you're feeling unsure around numbers, is that there's none involved in this step. Use your business knowledge or your intuition to make an educated guess about why this is the result.

Why did that one ad perform better than the other? Or why did that one subject line get more opens than the other? Because once you have an educated guess, you can start testing it and making optimizations to your marketing based off of that

Bonus tip number one, same platform, new question.

Once you feel good about that first question that you answered. Ask another question that the data in that same platform can help you answer go through the same process, using the same metrics or exploring one to two more.

Continue to repeat this process until you're starting to feel comfortable in that one platform. Once you're comfortable pick a new platform, but continue to ignore everything else and continue to repeat this process. Remember start where you are and take one small baby step forward at a time

Bonus tip number two, get support if you're just getting, getting started.

First of all, I am super proud of you just for that, but because you're just getting started, you're likely going to get stuck confused, or maybe even overwhelmed a little bit, but that does not mean that you should stop. Please don't stop. Remember all those gurus that I mentioned earlier that tell you that you have to pull data all these different ways to be able to analyze it, continue to ignore most or all of them to simplify and streamline your journey with metrics,

But find one person, a mentor that you can trust to help guide you from exactly where you are right now into that next baby step forward. And then on from there, if you take only one thing away from this video, I want you to remember that it only takes one or two metrics paired with a little bit of context to start making brighter decisions for your business. That's it!

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Cheers friend to your business success!

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