How To Setup Conversion Funnels And Metrics In Google Analytics

Track your funnel performance

You've launched your funnel! Now, what do you need to track its performance, of course, to make sure it's bringing quality leads and sales into your business?

In this video, I will be teaching you how to set up conversion funnels and metrics and Google analytics. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel below and hit the bell to be notified every single Tuesday. When I post a new video about entrepreneurship systems and metrics.

If you're an entrepreneur, you have either thought about launching or have already launched a funnel to bring qualified leads and sales into your business funnels are a great way to add automation to your sales process and give you valuable data that can help you optimize that process.

In Google Analytics, you can actually set up funnel paths that will track the customer journey through the steps of your funnel and to ultimately your goal, which is a conversion. You can probably tell just how valuable this data is. And while there are many paid tools that you can use to track your funnel performance, I love using Google analytics with my clients because it's free and simple to use. I'm going to show you how to set up a funnel, where to find the report that you will be monitoring, and I'll be sharing what I actually look for when I analyze the reports, including the metrics that I monitor.

All right, let's dive into Google analytics and get our funnel setup. You'll actually need the URLs of each of the pages that are a step within your funnel. So make sure you grab that. Now, if your funnel has four steps, you should have four URLs from the landing page, all the way to the confirmation page at the end of the funnel.

One more thing before we dive in comment below and let me know about the funnels that you have set up in your sales strategy or planning to set up as part of your marketing and sales strategy. So we are going to navigate to the admin section, then go to the view, then goals. So we actually set up funnel tracking by setting up goals.

Now from a Google Analytics standpoint, a funnel is just a multistep goal or set another way. A goal is a one-step funnel.

If you want to learn more about how to set up goals in Google Analytics and why they're so important, check out this video. I publish all about how to set up the best Google analytics goals. So you're going to click new goal, then select custom goal, and then continue.

Then you can select a name for your goal and set up the final step of the conversion as that goal. So if your funnel ends in a sale, then your goal that you could set up would be the destination or URL of the confirmation page of that sale. So you click continue and then you're going to choose regular expression and then put in the thank you or confirmation page of that sale.

If the final stage of the goal that you are setting has a monetary value. You can set that up here. So for example, if it's a product sale worth a hundred dollars, you could do that here. All right, now let's set up the stages of your funnel.

Step one is the landing page. So you can give it a shorten name and put in the part of the URL of that page. So if your full URL is slash landing page, you can just put in landing page for the required slider over here. You're either saying that the only way people will be counted towards this funnel is if they start on this page, I personally leave this on so I can see how other traffic comes in and out of my funnels, you can also test the impact of having this step required or not is completely up to you. All right.

So now you can just add in the rest of the steps here, and then you're going to verify the goal, which is a test. So it will come up as zero and then you just click save.

Now let's take a look at where to find funnel metrics and results.

So click into conversions and then goals. And let's look at the funnel visualization report, select the funnel that you want to look at. And you can see in the middle here, the steps of the funnel, how many people have gone through it, how many people actually make it to the next step?

And then how many people drop off over here onto there on the right side of the page, you can see here on the left, where new people are actually coming into the funnel at different stages. When I'm looking at this report, I'm actually looking at the quantity of people that are hit each step, and then the conversion rate of people going from one step into the next, not sure what I'm talking about.

When I say conversion rate, check out this video on how to calculate conversion rate and your marketing metrics. When you're done looking at the visualization report, you can actually click down here into the goal flow report at the top.

You can select the goal that you want to look at, and you can see not only how many people made it into your funnel, but what page they landed on, where they went from there. And then also down here, what marketing channel drove them to your landing page in the first place. This is so cool, right? So when I look at this report, I look specifically down here at the marketing channels, which drove the most sessions and how far along the funnel people from each channel actually go and where they drop off.

So looking at the conversion rates here for each channel and ultimately that conversion rate of the final step. Now, this funnel that we're looking at is pretty new. So we don't have a lot of great data, but if you're driving a lot of traffic to your site, you're going to start to see some really amazing insights pretty quickly. If you're ready to start making smarter decisions easily and more confidently to scale your business, to greater success,

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