If aspects of your human design feel wrong, boring, discouraging or unimportant

If  your human design feel wrong, boring, discouraging or unimportant



In this episode, I'm going to be discussing - What to understand and do if parts of your human design or gene keys feel wrong or boring, discouraging, or feel unimportant. So let's dive in.


In an earlier episode of this podcast, I spoke about how I felt when I discovered human design for the first time. I felt seen in ways that I never could have imagined. More than any sort of tool or modality had ever given me; human design just helped me understand myself in a whole new way today. I actually want to go into what happens when you learn something about yourself, through your human design and gene keys, that actually feels the opposite of that. Where you feel like it's discouraging, or it's boring, or it's unimportant.


When I learned about having gate 59, the gate of intimacy, as my human design conscious Earth and gene keys evolution, which is the biggest challenge that I will face again and again in this lifetime, I honestly felt that it was quite triggering for me. I even had a very emotional reaction to it where I thought, "oh that can't be me." It just made me so mad that it almost made me throw away everything that I had been learning about gene keys was put to the side because I just didn't resonate with that bit of information at all.


And in fact, I almost felt offended by it. As I've continued to study and learn and work with clients around their own human design, I found myself at times wishing for a different design. For someone who is so motivated and determined as I am, that I had a defined sacral center and I could work all day every day on my business because it is something that truly lights me up. 


So I felt myself being envious of all of the generators and manifesting generators that I work with because they're able to just exert so much more energy on a day-to-day basis into what they do in terms of taking action on it. I wished I had this and a real practice for me in this journey of my own experiment in human design and learning about the system and embodying this system.


I am learning to accept and love myself as I am and that includes every single little piece of my human design. 


I want you to understand that this is part of my own journey as well. And I want you to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect design, or a Bad design, or an unfortunate design, or a mistake in your design. 


There's nothing about how you are designed that makes you less than anyone else? You are perfectly designed as you are, and that's super important. There's nothing about your human design or your gene keys that should be a hindrance to you manifesting everything you desire in life.


There is nothing that says a certain piece of your human design makes it impossible for you to do X, Y, and Z. That's not how this works. Every little piece of your design is a special gift that is given to you for a reason. 


The beauty of this life that we're living on Earth is that we did not come here by accident, and the way that we were designed was not by accident. The sooner that you begin to understand this, the easier it is to love yourself. When you love yourself more and more that is when you truly allow things to manifest in your life. 


So if you see something in your human design that feels disempowering, that feels like a hindrance, that makes you feel like it's preventing you from doing something else… I invite you to look at it differently because you are here with that design for a reason.


I have an undefined G center. It may be the reason that it's made my journey a little bit longer, but I feel like it's made the journey so much richer. As you hear me get on this podcast week after week, I have so many experiences and so many learnings to share. 


When I began to see this differently, instead of feeling envious of other people who had a design I thought that I wanted and started loving myself for the design that I had, that is when, I said when things truly changed in me, not just in my inner world but in my outer world as well.


So if you're studying human design or your own human design. If someone has an interpretation that feels icky, disempowering, or dismissive, then find someone else to digest your human design information from. Even if it’s not me.


You might not understand the full gift right away, but that’s where I invite you to dig deeper into interpretation and contemplate it until you see it that way. You should continue to study it until you realize the full gift that every single aspect of your human design has. 


For example, there are 64 gates or 64 keys, whether you're looking at human design or gene keys, and each of those keys or each of those gates represents 64 different archetypes, and each of those 64 archetypes is on a journey through the shadow level. The archetype is in some sort of fear or victim mentality, and the archetype is their journey from that fear and that victim mentality into freedom, into self-sovereignty, and into a consciousness that is beyond anything that's in our human comprehension. There are 64 of these different archetypes, and each of these archetypes is equally important and equally expansive.


I want you to really ask yourself how you can see this aspect of your human design. All 64 of those archetypes are needed and so if you have a certain one in a certain placement, it’s by design, and if it feels disempowering, I'm inviting you to see it differently. 


What is this archetype at its most powerful? What is it about this archetype at its most potent? What is the ripple effect when you're at that level? What is the ripple effect that it can create in the world? How can you live into that magical gift better than anyone else so that it can become your secret superpower?


This is something that you can use to change the world and even though we're talking about 64 archetypes, this applies to all of these archetypes and how they work together. That is what makes up your human design chart and your Gene Keys. It’s really important to just love, accept, and understand that it is extremely powerful no matter how it is and what it is.


In that case, you don't feel it in your soul if you don't feel it in your heart if you don't receive it in a powerful way. I really encourage you to journal on it. Talk and Think about it. So if you're still having trouble connecting to a piece of your human design chart or your gene key, Something still feels a little off to you. 


I also want to remind you that Human design is the Science of Differentiation. It is an experiment and something you are being called to test & play with and there are certain things that can hinder the connection you feel to your chart. It is trial and error. It is testing things. It is trying something new.


The science of differentiation is something that you are being called to test and to play with, and there are going to be certain things that might get in the way of you feeling truly connected to your chart, that's outside of how you interpret the information. 


There are three things that I want to discuss here that might explain why your human design feels incorrect, boring, or disempowering so that you can perhaps see things differently, helping you understand and test your human design.


Conscious vs. unconscious design


If something's conscious, that means in your brain, you recognize this in yourself in your mind. Sometimes our unconscious designs and activations are harder to recognize in ourselves because they are unconscious, beneath the surface, in our body. 


The unconscious is the body. It is our ancestral lineage, our DNA, and so some things that we see are activations in our chart do not resonate with them because maybe they're in our unconscious design versus being in our conscious design and awareness.


Environmental Conditioning of your Human Design


Another thing that might be preventing your connection to certain pieces of your chart is conditioning. When I say conditioning, because each of us has our own energy and our own aura, sometimes when we're in the energy and aura of others, that energy can condition us in certain ways. It can change how we see ourselves and it can change how we act. 


It can influence us in some way, and sometimes we experience conditioning and we can just let it wash away afterward. Or sometimes that conditioning sticks with us because it can be ingrained in us over time. 


An example of this that's very specific for me is before I felt I knew for sure when I discovered I was a projector. It was very enlightening to me because I had been conditioned as a manifesting generator my entire life. Even though I was conditioned that way, it kind of felt wrong, but I didn't have words to put to it until I found human design. 


If you are a reflector, but you resonate more with a generator, or a manifesting generator, you might have a stronger affinity for a specific type of gate, channel, or similar structure. It could just be because there's conditioning like casting a net over your own energy that prevents you from really tapping into and feeling what is your innate & unique energy. 


Responses to different types of trauma in your life


The third thing that can kind of hinder or prevent you from really connecting to your own energetic blueprint could legitimately be a response to trauma that you've experienced at some point in your life. Here I am referring to both “big T” and “little T” trauma.


This can be something that you've had to cope with a certain way and when you see it come up in your chart. When you're faced with it and it's something that is traumatic, whether it's big trauma or little trauma, that can create an emotional response that can cause a Reaction. Have you reacted in a way that pushes it away rather than embracing it? 


I just want to say that I am not an expert in trauma or processing trauma or anything else. But this can happen and I have definitely felt this in certain things that I've looked into in my chart where it's brought up certain big emotions and triggers. 


These are the things that have taken me the longest to sink into, accept, and embrace in my own design. This might not be for everyone, but it is definitely a reason that you might feel disconnected from certain things in your chart. 


I just have a few things for you to do or recommendations for you if you feel a triggered response from your human design or gene keys.


One- You know you need to take care of yourself in order to face it and accept it and embrace it. Please do that and seek help. Professional and qualified help if needed.


Two - I really think that it's important for you to dive in only at the level that you're comfortable with. A lot of people when they learn about human design get super excited and they go super deep into it to learn everything but it brings a lot of emotions and a lot of patterns that are challenging to manage. My recommendation is just to go at a pace that you feel comfortable with and only go at the level that you feel like you're able to not just learn about your chart, but to understand & embrace your chart


Third- Instead of focusing on the trigger itself, maybe focus on what about that piece of your human design is triggering you. For example: at the beginning I told about how gate 59 the gate of intimacy in my evolution sphere was very triggering to me but in the end I realized it was my ego & pride that was actually feeling attacked, not me. 


These are all some of the biggest lessons for you in this lifetime. Of course, things aren't going to feel perfect all the time, but there are so many things for you to learn, understand, and grow from in your chart. The more that you accept, the more you embrace and embody these lessons, and simply acknowledge that these lessons and triggers exist, the more you will grow, expand, and live into your design, and it will begin to make a lot more sense.

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