Intuitive decision making using human design

Intuitive decision making using human design



In this episode, I'm going to be sharing all about how to make intuitive and aligned decisions using your human design. So let's dive in.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been sharing all about the opening of my signature program, Radiant on Purpose. I’ve already had some INCREDIBLE students start to roll in and I am just so thrilled to be sharing this magic with the world.

One thing that I am committed to, in terms of this launch, and for this program going forward, is to keep it open for enrollment year-round, which goes against all marketing “best practices and norms” when it comes to filling up your programs because most marketing experts or online business owners and experts recommend launching only a couple few times a year so that there is an extra level of urgency and scarcity with the program and that helps people make decisions to join and fill your programs.

I want people in this program who know that it is the next step that they are meant to take in their journey who come into this container to be a HELL YES, an 11/10 excitement level, and ready to commit to the experience. I don't want someone coming into this experience just because they think it might be for them but they aren't really sure but they also don't want to wait six months or a year to join once they decide that it's for them.

Even though I offer this program at different price points and payment plans, I don’t take for granted that this is an investment and a big one at any level. And I don’t want anyone making a big investment decision out of fear or a feeling of FOMO if it’s not the right time for them. I want my clients to join when they feel empowered and excited (maybe with some healthy nerves from anticipation) but feel very grounded that this is the right decision for them

Radiant on Purpose goes against all of those best practices and norms I am choosing to believe that this is the right decision in the long run because it is best for my clients too in order for them to make a truly aligned decision using their intuition, whether you’re on the fence about joining this program or just making any decisions within your own life & business.

I like that my clients make truly aligned decisions using their intuition, whether you're on the fence about joining the program or just making any decision about your own life in business, I want you to come in full-heartedly. So in the spirit of intuitive & aligned decision making, I want to go into how you can make an aligned decision using your own human design plus some tips to help with decision making, no matter what your human design is.

While there are many factors in your human design that can influence what it means to make an aligned decision for you, today I’m focusing on one of the most important, if not the most important, elements of your human design when it comes to decision making and that is your authority.

If you have your human design chart pulled up, you will see what’s called your authority, and you will have one of 7 authorities - Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, Self-identified, Environmental/sounding board, and finally lunar authority. I’m going to run through each of these authorities & share how you can access its magic & use it to make aligned decisions. So let’s start

Emotional authority

How it works- Emotional authority is most common because 50% of the population has this authority in their human design chart. You have a superpower in your emotions & in how you feel & process them. You feel the highs & lows & go through emotional waves and those emotional waves are what help you come out on the other side with clarity on the right decision for you.

When it’s an aligned decision- After you go through an emotional wave, riding the ups and downs, and feel emotionally clear in the decision you’re making.

A common pitfall to avoid- Making decisions, especially big decisions, when you are in an emotional wave - riding either a low or a high – instead of making the decision when you feel emotionally neutral & clear.

Sacral authority

How it works- Those people who have sacral authority either a generator or a manifesting generator. However not every generator and manifesting generator has a sacral authority but every generator and manifestor does at least have their sacral center defined and your superpower is your creative life force energy, especially when you channel it in aligned ways. This authority is likened to your gut feeling about something & speaks to you in Yes or No responses to opportunities that present them to you first.

What is your aligned decision- When something feels like a HELL YES in your gut and continues to feel like a hell yes each day.

A common pitfall to avoid- Overwhelming your sacral response with all the different possible options or directions instead of allowing it to respond to binary or yes-no questions. Continuing to push forward on something that was a hell yes at one point but now feels like a hell no

Splenic authority

How it works- I personally have that authority & our superpower is an innate knowing that comes through. It’s a power that can’t be explained or described. You just KNOW and that knowing arrives quickly. You might not know why you know or where that knowledge came from but it’s there.

What is your aligned decision - You just KNOW even though you can’t explain it. And because this authority (your spleen) is linked to your physical intuition, the right decision will also be what feels healthy for you.

A common pitfall to avoid- You may second-guess what you know to be true or try to understand why you know it to be true. You will know immediately if something is right for you or not, and while that doesn’t mean you need to take action right away, you might try to override that aligned decision by trying to make sense of it.

Ego authority

How it works-With this authority, your superpower is your connection to your desires. You can tap into what they are and how to create them with a level of commitment that is unmatched. Your connection to your desires inspires & activates others

What is your aligned decision - If something is what you truly desire, or helps you on the journey of creating what you truly desire, and then it is an aligned decision for you.

A common pitfall to avoid- There’s a lot of shame about making “selfish decisions” based on what you desire, however, these “selfish” decisions are what most aligned for you. Owning your desires and the steps you take to get there and releasing any of the baggage around it is super important for you and for those impacted by your decisions

Self-projected authority

How it works- Those people have G center as their authority. With this authority, your superpower is cultivating a powerful identity that you blossom into and seeing yourself as the best & highest version of yourself & creating a reality around you from that place.

What is your aligned decision - You will recognize if the decision aligns with the identity you are cultivating and creating versus if it aligns with an older or no-longer-right-for-you identity. Are you the type of person who is, has, or does this? If so then the answer is yes

A common pitfall to avoid- When cultivating or designing the next-level identity for yourself, it’s important to understand the motivation behind the identity you are creating. Is it intrinsically or extrinsically motivated? Are you creating a business because you’re influenced by other people telling you it’s the next step or because being a business owner aligns with your identity?

Environmental/sounding board authority

How it works- With this authority, your superpower is that you can use your environment to help you make the correct decision for you. By putting yourself in a place that allows you to process the decision - either in the right environment or with trusted people who allow you to talk it out, you will guide yourself in the right direction.

What is your aligned decision- You can come to the decision that feels right for you after allowing yourself to process it in a safe environment and sometimes this can take time.

A common pitfall to avoid-It’s important that you come to your decisions of your own volition and at your own timing. You process things verbally and need to get everything out of your head so it’s important to find trusted people who can listen & ask important questions that help you come to a decision but remain neutral to the outcome so you can guide yourself there.

Lunar authority / No authority

How it works- With this authority, you are a reflector and your superpower is to allow your external environment, the cosmic energies, to allow you to experience all the possible outcomes in the quantum so you can then choose what is the best decision for you.

What is your aligned decision- When you experience different cycle shifts & energy, imagine all possible decisions & outcomes, often over the course of a couple of weeks or a month, and know with clarity & certainty which road you’d like to travel down.

A common pitfall to avoid- Rushing a decision before you’ve taken the time & energy to energetically experience all possible outcomes. You may not always be able to wait weeks or months to make decisions (in fact, I only recommend waiting that long for bigger decisions) but at least give yourself the opportunity to time travel into all future realities to get clarity on what is right for you at the moment.


3 Tips for making Aligned Decisions for all human design authorities, no matter which one you have


One - Remove yourself from the energy of others so you can tap into your own energy & understand what your authority is telling you


Two - Go to an environment that feels good to you - is inviting and calming where you can let your guard down, where you can let your brain & nervous system relax finally


Three- Trust your intuition, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. You may have noticed that none of the authorities use your mind or logic to come to an aligned decision.

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