What’s an aligned marketing strategy for a Mental Projector? with Karen Bryson of Motivate the Muse

 What’s an aligned marketing strategy for a Mental Projector?



In this episode, I'm speaking with Karen Bryson of Motivate the Muse about how she can best market her business and attract ideal customers using her 5/1 mental projector design. So let's dive in.


Dr. Karen spent a lot of time doing a lot of things professionally. She is a university professor and an author. She is a USA Today bestselling author and has written over 50 books. She also has a podcast called the Curious Professor Podcast, which she absolutely loves, and she also got into wanting to serve others and really has a desire to start teaching and coaching people who were either aspiring or struggling writers to help them achieve their writing goals. 


There were times in her life when she felt like she wasn't producing to the level that she wanted her to, so she really wanted to help other writers to achieve their writing goals and truly empower them to be the best writers they could be and find the success they desired as writers.


What is her experience with human design?


She enjoys teaching, but she also loves taking classes and being in groups, and she also likes being coached as well as doing coaching. So she took a lot of classes to learn about coaching and to learn about creating content for people's online visibility coaching. She was actually about a year ago in a group of aspiring coaches and women who wanted to become more visible online and was learning how to market themselves, and one of the women mentioned being a Manifesting Generator. She had never heard that term before, so she wrote it down, looked it up, and googled it with human design.


She spent 25 hours online diving into human design and trying to figure out what it was and where her place in this world, this human design world, was, and when she realized she was a projector, she was like, "oh my god, so many things in my life make sense now that if I knew this thirty years ago, I would have saved myself so many heartaches and so much time that I did things that I would have had the knowledge to have done things a lot differently." 


It opened up a whole new world of knowledge about her but also possibilities of a way that she could be in the world that she hadn't been to before, and it explains so many things about her, her life, and her relationships.


What is she currently doing for marketing?


When she first started writing a lot and publishing books, she learned about marketing regarding being an author, and publisher type of marketing. So she has been attempting to apply some of the strategies she learned in that arena to the things she wants to do, such as working with aspiring and struggling authors and empowering them to achieve their writing goals. She implemented some of the same things that she learned from selling books, and some of them worked and some of them didn't, so it was hit and miss, and also she wasn't a fantastic marketer.


In 2012, when Kindle was becoming mainstream, she was writing the right thing at the right time and she didn't have to do much marketing at all for a while. Then, as more people began to write, her discoverability became more difficult, so she had to learn some techniques for her writing, but for a while there, all she did was put books up and people bought them. She did nothing to find all of the people she is working with as a writing coach. They just found her. She tends to attract people toward herself. She was just waiting for people to come to her.


Sometimes some types of marketing techniques just aren't in alignment with you. She thinks it's important to bring forth being of service more so than we want to make money first. 


That's not my thing, but that's a segment of the coaching industry. That's really about, "Let's get the money, but that's not her and that doesn't feel good to her. She is more about how she can be of service to other people. She knows that she could sell products that would sell, but should she just sell them because she knows they'll sell if she doesn’t think that they're going to be of the highest service to people? She doesn’t want to be in that ethical dilemma.


Karen is a 5/1 Mental Projector


Karen is a projector, but she is also a mental projector. What is interesting is the way that she described her process where people just find her and, I think, in terms of her marketing, finding ways to market that help people. I am also a projector and it makes a lot of sense, I've been thinking a lot about how I can be proactive enough to help people find me, and so I think, I know she is on Instagram, and have a Facebook group where she actively posts content.


I like to think about it because she is probably attracting people who are similar to her in how she may look up information. As she mentioned, she was really into googling things and also sometimes went on YouTube for information. I'll tell you this is a part of my strategy, as well as SEO and blog content, which totally makes sense for her because she’s already a writer, so obviously writing comes really easily to her. I know it's not always easy, but that was the first thing that came to mind because blogs are something that you do once and it lasts forever.


She has a lot of plans, but it takes time to bring those into reality to actually create reality from your thoughts. She eventually wants to have a motivational blog, a podcast, and a YouTube channel. 


She interviewed 70 authors about overcoming writing blocks and writing struggles, and she needs to do it within the next month or so, during her off term from her university job, get that book together and get it out. She is going to have a lead-magnet book and also wants to do free webinars. She really loves doing video content and webinars. The writing groups just come to her and invite her, and she doesn't solicit writing groups, but she is more than happy to give lectures and talks to writing groups. So she's had three people approach her in the last month and invite her to speak. Usually, people tell her that this friend of a friend heard about her from this other person. This is how it happens.


She has effective strategies as she has a literal huge body of work and a library of work that people can find, plus she has networking and relationships. So if someone does hear about you from a friend of a friend, the first thing they're probably going to do is Google her once they hear about her, and so it feels to me like getting even just a basic website.


She could do a one-page website and get that up there. She is starting a new podcast, rebranding her podcast, or repurposing it. This is similar to what I do. I record podcasts first for me, but I also record videos that I also turn into blog posts and I do some things that are like "this specifically is for YouTube or this specifically is a blog post kind of thing," but it's like that for me, it's worked really well. 


Being a projector, especially with the SEO platforms and just having that presence, because if people are going to hear about you or they want to Google,  how to write a book or what are the first questions that people ask when they know that it's the perfect time for them to find her and just create content around that because I feel like she has it.


That is the stuff gets her in front of people, and so when she talks to them, they're already warmed up if they're coming from someone who's a friend of a friend or something like that. It will help you get in front of people who don't know her yet or don't have that personal reference. I think that will help. And it saves her a lot of energy so that when you talk to people, they already know who she is and what she does.


Her incarnation cross is the Left Angle Cross of Revolution


Karen's incarnation is called the Left Angle of Revolution and is about being bold and transforming norms. Think about the word revolution. It's kind of individual. It's novelty & individuality, a little bit transforming things, as in making things, but like revolutionizing old structures and making them fit society better, and so I feel between those for her. 


When I look at her design holistically, I feel like I'm giving her permission to just say, "What normal people do with this writing process; this is what most people will teach you, but what I am going to teach you is a different process." What makes her unique? It's the same process, just applied slightly differently depending on the audience that she’s speaking to. 


What can she do to connect with people?    


What she finds working with more people is that a confidence gap is the main thing that people need to overcome in all their steps. Finding people who intuitively know what they want to write but lack the confidence in themselves and what they have to say to put it out into the world to say ‘Okay, this is what I really want to write, even if other people tell me it's weird. I'm a freak for wanting to write this. This is really what's in my heart.’ 


Being able to have the confidence to say, "Yeah, this is what I'm going to write." Then having the confidence in yourself to be able to put words on a page. She is working with people who haven't even gotten to that step yet where they feel good enough about it. They have to say and the value they have to give to the world that they haven't gotten to that point of being able to put themselves out there even to themselves because no one is reading it right now but them and then getting to a point once you're in the flow and connected to that. 


Whatever you believe it is that is assisting you in connecting to that creativity within you or outside of you, wherever it is coming from, if you have that flow going. That draft could be a book or it could be a screenplay or whatever that thing is that you're writing a stage play. 


But if you're going to put it down into the world, if you're going to start pitching it to movie producers, if you want to publish it, or if you want to send it to agents, to be published by a traditional publisher, whatever that format is that you want to put your story or your stories out into the world, then have that confidence in yourself to be able to take that next step. 


The next step of putting it out there in the world and really making yourself vulnerable to an audience other than yourself is huge. 


She had a defined head, a defined Ajna, and a defined throat, as the mental projector. It's all about her process for creativity, how she does things, and then her process for getting them out into the world. 


I feel like taking that as the profile line 5, where 5 is really about solutions and also kind of processes, but like streamlining things, making things more digestible for people, and this is very aligned with what her design is. 


The people will come to her because she has so much openness at the bottom of her chart, some like people are going to come to her that have a lot of intuition that she is very knowledgeable. 


Emotional intuition is a lot of energy, as is life forces energy, and then they are magnetized to her to streamline and structure things, put them on the ground in reality and so I feel like really playing on that messaging, and the way she describes this program in terms of it, I feel like that will really resonate with people as well.


Karen liked the tips and ideas that I gave her about a process to follow to start with the website and start with a blog post. Also when she has grandiose ideas and a lot of things she wants to do find what’s the priority. What's the best thing to start with can be very helpful.


Finding ways to do that are sustainable and that feel good and she can craft or repurpose or turn it into whatever she wants, it's the key to finding what people know. If she is on Instagram and she hates it people can sense it without you saying it. So they're always important to just make sure that you're somewhere. You know you're putting your energy into what excites you or what feels easy to you and go from there. 


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