How do I prioritize ideas in my business? with Shauna Waddell of Self-Love Goddesses

How do I prioritize ideas in my business? with Shauna Waddell of Self-Love Goddesses



In this episode, I'm so excited to have a conversation with someone who has human design experience. Her name is Shana Waddell of Self-Love Goddesses. We are talking about how to balance and manage all of the projects and ideas that are currently lighting her up as a manifesting generator.

Shauna Waddell currently lives in Maine with her husband and two children. She always wanted to start her own business. She knew that she wanted to help people in some way but didn't know what that meant, so she has been on this self-love journey herself. One day she was on Instagram just like everything that comes into her life, up popped this certification course to become a self-love coach, and she was like, "First, I didn't even know that existed, and second, something in me said you have to sign up for this, even though I was terrified." She listened to her gut, which she doesn't always do, and six months later, she became a certified self-love coach, and then, a couple of months after that, she became a certified level one human design reader, and out of that birthed, Self-Love Goddesses.

She wants to create a community for moms who are struggling with burnout and overwhelm from just the daily stresses of life, and she wants to create a space for them where they can come. And they can feel safe and supported and where they can feel empowered to start making themselves a priority and start their own self-love healing journey.

How Shauna incorporates that self-love with human design

She has done a lot of internal work and become pretty self-aware, but learning her human design just went even deeper. She felt like it just helped her to gain this new level of self-trust and confidence in knowing that the decisions she was making were aligned with where she wanted to go in her life. She feels less anxious than ever because she trusts herself, and she just wants to give that to other moms and women.

She is a 5-1 manifesting generator with sacral authority. She loved that her husband was actually a projector too. So it's been interesting to learn how their designs work together.

What is her greatest hurdle as an entrepreneur?


She feels like her biggest hurdle right now is how to market herself and launch her offerings. She has so many ideas. There are so many things that she wants to put out there for people. She is spending time working on each one of them, like a little bit here and there every day, but then nothing gets finished, and so nothing gets launched or offered because she is so excited about all of it, and she feels like she is lacking focus and direction. She doesn't want them to come to her page or her website and be like, "What does she even offer? What does she even do? "because she's always talking about all these different things. But she also knows that, as a manifesting generator, it's okay for her to have all these passions. But how that translates into a business is still unclear.

I enjoy assisting manifesting generators with this because I believe it is perfectly acceptable to have multiple interests. And then there's the balance in terms of marketing because you want to have a streamlined message to communicate with people, so it's like how can I do this and present myself in a certain way? And one of the biggest things that I always think of as a manifesting generator because you can have an umbrella, and then you have within that, all the things that you're interested in that probably relate in some way, so it's a matter of whether there is like a thread that kind of moves between them. I almost think of it as like having an umbrella that you speak to and then or like a framework perhaps like or a methodology that you use with your clients and then like how do each of those things kind of fit into it.

Shauna's biggest mission is really to be a self-love and self-care advocate for moms. So everything she says and shares is either a tool or a way for them to learn how to incorporate those things into their lives or how to use them to begin to heal from inner wounds and past traumas that are holding them back. She has decided that anyone who decides to work with her one-on-one is going to automatically get a basic human design reading and then they are going to incorporate that into the 5-step self-love process that she goes through with her clients, so instead of putting them separately, she wants to combine them together.

She has several course ideas, such as having groups of women collaborate instead of just one-on-one collaborations, but she gets stuck on which one she puts out there first. Her main goal is to cultivate self-love for moms. But then she also wants to do some smaller ones, like healing burnout or maybe doing something like a twenty-one-day free, twenty-one-day self-care challenge. She also wants to put herself out there in other ways to build that trust in that community. She toyed around with starting a Youtube channel, starting a blog, or getting onto other social media platforms, and while all those things excite her.

When it comes to marketing, always refer back to your framework. Do what lights you up, but then pull it back and think that this is part of my pillar in my framework. When we talk about marketing, it's all about consistency. Whoever is scrolling through the feed must-see things in a consistent manner over time? So it’s like giving permission to pursue whatever feels good or that you're excited to talk about that day. But in the end, what matters most is your framework, because, ultimately, your framework is part of what makes you unique.

I don't think this is even specific to you being a manifesting generator. It's important to know what your signature offering is and to understand what you do and who you're talking to cultivate people's like finding and connecting, because a lot of times with these big signature offerings, It's like you could put it out there on social media. But ultimately, like if it's a bigger investment level, it takes time for people to find the right people for you to nurture the right people.

I think you put half your energy towards building the revenue-generating thing because you just don't want to do marketing forever and never sell anything, and then half towards that focus on finding and nurturing the people who potentially will go into that because you can't really do one without the other, and for you as a manifesting generator, you can balance two priorities.

It seems like the signature course feels a little heavy right now. I would say maybe take your focus off of that and at least put some focus into doing a new lead magnet or like a free offer. Having fun on camera is also something you can channel some of your energy into since part of the problem, as you said, is that you have all these things, but that you aren't getting things done, so it might make more sense sometimes to focus on something that is more like a free offer and a lead magnet.

So if you're feeling lit up by that, sometimes that's just an easier thing than when you're getting people's email addresses, you can begin to nurture them and get them ready as you either work on your signature offer or working on this big one versus a little one. You know, maybe some smaller courses that are exciting to you also, but generally, once you kind of know who you're working with and with the transformation, I tend to have people put good focus towards, like, at least get an email address.

I work with one of my clients who just had a huge launch and she had people who had been following her for 2 to 3 years and never bought anything and finally bought something, and she's not saying that's going to be for everyone. But sometimes people just watch and don't say anything, and so it's like this just making sure that you're kind of balancing both.

Shauna tested Reels on Instagram back in December for a twenty-one-day self-care challenge where she went live every day for twenty-one days and she was thinking of turning that into a lead magnet and reshooting some videos but she has been pushing it off. She wants it to be perfect.

Her human design Chart has a direct connection between her sacral up to G Center defined up to her throat which tells me that she just needs to trust what comes out of her mouth and I relate to this I have also a defined throat.

Everything I say all the time and so I think when it comes to recording these videos can you just trust that whatever channels out is what was meant to channel out. So I feel like just letting it flow if you're feeling excited about it if you're feeling lit up by it. Just let it flow Maybe a priority for now, or part of your priority, for now, is to just dig in and finish that.

What is she teaching each day in the twenty-one-day course?

it's a very short, maybe 5 to 10-minute maximum activity that she asked to do that day and it could be as simple as just Wearing your favorite outfit, cooking your favorite meal, or going outside for 5 minutes, it's just a little thing that you can add to your day, especially as a mom, and maybe if you're like me, a mom that also works in the corporate world and is doing a side hustle like It's just small changes you can make to your day that, when added up over time, can have a big impact on your mental health, and the main goal is that by the end of the twenty-one days, it becomes a natural habit for you.

You start to develop a habit of adding these little moments to your day. As a result, He's the one. Wrap up as Self-care is actually one of the 5 steps in the process that we go through if you either work one-on-one with her or if you do the course that she creat.

She could enroll people in that challenge, eventually transitioning to a group program so that she can build that community, and smaller courses or smaller programs she has and how those might fit into the 21-day challenge. Just naturally going into those, or does it feel more natural than those going more into the one-on-one in the bigger program.

She wanted to create a workshop for healing burnout, which might be just a master class or a one-day workshop type. She doesn't necessarily know what that would be. A course that extends over a long period of time. But it does feel like it is more geared towards someone who is ready to dive right into either 1 on 1 or into that bigger course.

What I suggest is to trust yourself and trust in your direction at the defined G center. She has the completely open Ajna and so part of me thinks that exploring each incorporating pillar a little bit more in terms of how to incorporate it into business and working with people in that way is going to help her. It is only going to cultivate and strengthen her framework in the bigger program.

Shauna liked it because it's like going back, especially even just with a super basic thing like content creation she has been going back to each of the 5 steps of the program and thinking about ways that she can even just incorporate it into her Instagram. For a while, there was thinking that she has been creating a guided meditation for each one of them. This is how her brain works and she loves guided meditations she has gotten a lot of feedback on her voice and how calming it is and everyone's like you should make more.

The actionable takeaway from our conversation.

She has really clear on her new lead magnet self-care is the theme. So whether it becomes that 21-day challenge or something else she knows that she has going to create a new lead magnet that is specific to self-care and then she has going to tackle one of her smaller courses that she has been wanting to create.

I'd also love it if you took a screenshot of your favorite part of the episode and shared it on your Instagram stories sending you a Dm to say hello. I cannot wait to meet you in the next episode of the Frequency and Flow podcast. I'm going to be sharing the behind-the-scenes of the presale launch and evolution of my latest program. Radiant on purpose. You will not want to miss this. I'll see you there.


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