Behind the Scenes of a Pre-Sale: Radiant (on Purpose)

Behind the Scenes of a Pre-Sale: Radiant (on Purpose)



In this episode, I'm going to be sharing all about the behind-the-scenes of my latest presale, Radiant, and (spoiler alert) its rebirth into my new signature program, Radiant on Purpose.

By popular demand, I am sharing the behind-the-scenes of my latest pre-sale, but the truth is that I probably would have shared this episode with you whether it was requested or not because I think there is a LOT of value in my experience for everyone who is launching offers.

I'm a little afraid of what you're about to learn because it's sometimes really hard to face the reality when things don't turn out as you planned. Let me take it back to the beginning quickly.

The idea for this program came to me over a year ago while I was running a beta round of a program I called, Client Attraction Bootcamp. I had about 18 women in this beta program and that program was amazing. It was super transformational for the women who were in this relatively new state of their business. The women in the program were receiving lots of breakthroughs & success. It was so much fun for me and so transformational for them.

That program specifically was primarily marketing-focused, and while I talked about human design, the truth was human design & marketing lived in two separate silos because these systems hadn’t come together yet in my mind. Specifically my line 1 and my conscious channel 43-23, the freak to genius channel, that connects ajna to throat. I still needed some space to process, synthesize, and systematize those two systems, even though I knew they were going to come together, to be honest, I wasn't ready at that time.

I learned a lot of lessons from that program, most importantly, managing my own energy because in delivering that program I completely depleted myself building it and running it. So much so that it took months to recover from it. It had nothing to do with the women in it. They were fantastic and I still talk to many of them even now. But it was the way that I chose to run the program that I just didn't manage my own boundaries.

Well, by the time that ended, I think it was about May of last year, and then Fast forward to last October, I finally reappeared after months of creative hibernation. Yes, I burned out my projector self so badly that I needed six months to recover. The truth is that only then did the methodology finally started to come together in my head.

When it finally started coming together, I decided to just sit with it for a few months, let the framework congeal, continued to let it breathe & have space. I could see what was going on, but I wanted it to really settle in and feel good, so I just let it breathe and have some space to continue. Finally, in this beautiful, magical way, I saw it all coming together, and in mid-December, this program finally had the energy behind it pulling me toward bringing it to life. So it was something that took almost eight months from conception to it finally calling me to action. And these events started my journey to the three important lessons of this pre-sale. So let’s dive in

Lesson #1 - Just because you have an idea, doesn’t mean to must act on it. Give it space to gather energy until it pulls you forward.

There's going to be a moment where it literally pulls you forward into it where it's like, "Yes, now I'm ready." That's the biggest mistake I see, especially with generators and manifesting generators, is that they get a lot of ideas and they feel like, "Wow, this is a great idea," because they get a lot of great ideas, and they feel like they need to just take action on them right away. But the truth is that you need to let it sit and you need to let it simmer with you and there will come a point where it's literally going to just pull you into it and you'll know it's time.

So if it doesn't feel like the right time or feels like you need to force it, then it means that now isn’t the right time. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad idea at all.

Finally, in mid-December, I completed a project brief for Radiant, and yes I do these even though it’s just me working on it because it helps me collect my thoughts & get clear on the purpose & promise of the program (I have a template in this that you get when you join Radiant on Purpose) I built out a detailed offer & content outline.

The next step was to plan the launch. I was targeting Q1 and had my podcast launch in January, wanted a few weeks to regroup and build a sales page then I felt comfortable starting to promote it. I could handle a quick turnaround because I already had a very detailed outline in place

That timing happened to fall around my birthday on the magical portal of 2/22/2022 and that felt pretty good but I knew I would need a few weeks to start building out the program before it could officially launch. From there I had two big focuses - the plan to build the sales mechanism (in my case a sales page, thank you page, welcome emails, and the first module of the program) AND the plan to promote the program.

Tech and automation - Based on my availability to spend about 1-2 hours per day on this project, I chucked out all the tasks to create the sales page, thank you page, welcome emails, and first module content (in order so I could start selling even though I was building out content). That led me to know that I couldn’t officially start Radiant until March 15th, which made my promotion window from 2/22 about 3 weeks.

Pre-Sale Launch Promotion Plan

When it comes to launches and promotions, which is like figuring out that happy medium between getting something out there and I am going into the world and letting people know that it exists and finding people and nurturing the people who are ready for it, but also not stressing myself out so much that I need to go dig a hole or like go hide in a hole.

So for me personally, that meant that my promotion strategy was a combination of using this podcast, emails, and social media because those are all things that I already use, and this was kind of a quick turnaround

The original plan was to do a two-week pre-sale from the Radiant waitlist until March 8th then a 1-week promotion to the public & my full email list. It didn’t exactly happen that way as I’ll explain in a minute but basically, the three-week launch was two weeks of building a waitlist, promoting people, or telling people to get on the waitlist to get a special promotion code, and then one week of just putting it out to the public at its current.

Podcast- What I did on the podcast specifically, was because again this was early January that I was creating this plan. I slotted in weekly content from that day beginning to mid-January, all the way through the launch window, actually technically past it because last week’s podcast episode fell on the 17th and promoted the program. Small pieces of educational content from the Radiant Methodology led to me discussing the promotion.

Emails - I utilized the weekly newsletter I was sending to promote it. Then I also sent an extra 1-2 emails a week, either to the waitlist or full list depending on what phase of the pre-sale I was in.

Social media- It followed the podcast & emails as they usually do in my normal content strategy, but I talked about Radiant much more & did more stories sharing the links.

So with the runway I had, I planned the content and then launched it week by week, writing a few emails or recording a couple of podcast episodes. I tried to balance my time between promotion projects & tasks and tech & automation tasks on a week-by-week basis just to make sure those two areas tracked together.

Lesson #2 - You have to work with what you’ve got - I have a consistent content strategy that I leveraged, then enhanced, for the promotion of the pre-sale AND I stayed realistic about what I could deliver.

It was 2 months from when the promotion dates were set to the actual promotion period. If you don’t have a regular content plan you’re executing, you don’t want to go and create 20 emails and social posts or start a new podcast during that launch. The plan worked for me like a charm - this is truly a zone of genius for me and strategic planning is a huge part of the work I do for 1:1 clients. I was mostly hitting deadlines & on track for my official start date.

So here’s where things get interesting…

My content was getting engagement & traction but no one had decided to join yet. Then a nice weekend day (aka a day off work) and I was walking to the beach to get some sun & sand and all of a sudden I just had this huge download come through me about how the program and its messaging needed to evolve. I knew it was something important because the idea felt so complete to me, like the missing piece. And it even came with a new name… RADIANT ON PURPOSE.

Because I'm there enjoying myself, and I literally have my phone and I'm like, scribbling all this stuff down on my phone really fast, like, oh my gosh, what is happening? I didn't even want to be thinking about this today, but like I don't want these ideas to get lost.

When I finally had a second to breathe, I thought back to what I was launching and what Radiant currently was. Oh, and I suddenly realized that the energy behind the Radiant program was what I was promoting. It had kind of dissipated, or not just kind of dissipated. Because everything has changed all of a sudden.

It didn't connect with what I saw in this new beautiful version of Radiant on Purpose being. I'll be honest, it was very frustrating. I had put so much energy behind this launch, this promotion, and the program. Then all of a sudden, the energy had shifted and I didn't feel right even promoting it, knowing that it was going to evolve into something so much better and so much more transformational and all of these things.

So here I was, mid-launch, and all of a sudden the energy behind what I was promoting dissipated and moved to this evolved version. I’ll be honest, it was frustrating. And I was left with this NOW WHAT? So, I just sat with it, let the energy settle. At that point, I was wrapping up the waitlist pre-sale with a few remaining emails & social posts that had been scheduled. I had to have an honest conversation with myself and I needed space (days) to ask myself hard questions, such as:

Was this idea just a distraction to make myself feel better that I hadn’t sold anything yet or was it truly a better version? Was I allowing fear of a failed launch to run the show? Was I overcomplicating the Radiant experience with the additions to the container or were the additions critical to the transformation? If this is evolution is truly divine guidance, now what?

This led us to the third lesson which I have learned in this process.

Lesson #3 - Your energy shifts & evolves, and therefore the energy of your business will shift and evolve. IT’S OK. It’s normal. I would even say that you need to expect it. But I implore you to sit with any of these pivots or evolutions and ask yourself hard questions before you decide to take action on your guidance. Is this decision coming from a place of love & empowerment? Or from fear and scarcity?

It will happen in your launches and promotions your energy is always going to Shift. It's going to evolve because you're growing and you're asking for a path of growth, and therefore, the energy of your business will shift and evolve as well. It will shift and evolve with you. You are in partnership with your business. So if you shift and evolve, your business is going to shift and evolve, and that is okay. It is very normal. I would even say that you need to expect it.

Expect a shift in the change to occur, most likely at some point that’s not convenient like when it happened to me. But. I implore you to sit with any of those potential pivots, evolutions, downloads, and ideas that you get and ask yourself hard questions before you decide to take action on that guidance.

That decision that you're making is that action that you're thinking of taking. Is it coming from a place of love and expansion and empowerment, or is it coming from a place of fear and constriction and scarcity? As soon as you can decipher where that shift is coming from, that will help you make better decisions and Take action in the future.

Long story short, it became apparent that the evolution of Radiant to RADIANT ON PURPOSE was the direction I needed to move in. I never finished the promotion I had planned.

When this download came through at the beach, I was like, "Oh, this is a better application of this piece of my own chart.” Not that I wasn't incorporating it before. It's like all of a sudden I had this new clarity and this new perspective where I was like, "Oh, this is so much better and that's how I knew that another reason I knew that it was right to make the shift in this evolution to Radiant on Purpose is that the truth is The process I teach in Radiant on Purpose is the same process I’ve used myself and refined over time.

I'll be really, honest with you. This is the best & most excited I’ve ever felt about anything I’ve offered. I can feel the energy bursting out of me to you.

With Radiant, the first version of Radiant, the version that I was promoting in the presale, it was focused on infusing your energy into your brand strategy.

Radiant on Purpose, the new, and the current, evolved version is all about aligning your entire marketing strategy with your human design and elements of your gene keys so that you can ignite your creativity.

Step into your soul purpose and confidently promote yourself online. This program Radiant on Purpose is for the person who feels like they're currently stuck between two worlds. They're ready to leave that soul-dimming status quo behind for good, like in the matrix. You know, you're done with that. That status quo is the matrix, whatever you want to call it. But you're still feeling unclear, unseen, and unheard when it comes to making that leap into a more purpose-driven life and business.

In Radiant on Purpose, we go so much deeper into decoding and integrating your own uniqueness. Human design and gene keys, infusing their ancient wisdom and magic into your marketing strategy step by step, touching on all aspects of your marketing strategy: your brand, your message, your content, your customer journey, everything that is in a traditional marketing strategy. We apply your human design and your gene keys to each of those elements, and I'm so excited to birth this evolved vision & version of this container for you. If this resonates with you, you can learn more here.

And I'd love to know if you learned something new or something resonated with you, like something I said resonated with you. I would love to connect with you further.
You can DM me on Instagram, say hello, and share what your biggest takeaway from this episode was for you and/or your business.


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