How do we leverage our individual & collective strengths to grow our business? with Tiffany & Victoria of Spirit Mamas

How do we leverage our individual & collective strengths to in our business



In this episode, I'm speaking with Tiffany Wilkes and Victoria Nielsen of Spirit Mamas, about how they can lean into their strengths and work together better using their human design as they continue to grow and expand their business.


Victoria is an Akashic Records reader, breathwork, and inner voice facilitator, and one half of Spirit Mamas, and Tiffany is a Reiki Master, certified sound healing intuitive, and all much more. They founded Spirit Mamas in 2020 after both of their sons were born. It was Victoria's first son and Tiffany's second, and both of them had their journeys to get to that moment. They realized that there was some magic in their process and within themselves. They started out doing individual readings for people, and then they started holding full moon circles, and they were like, "wow, this is really cool when women come together in a sacred ceremony."


They've formed sacred containers, like their offer, Healing the Mother Wound and holding a couple of retreats. It's hard for them to believe that they are coming up on 2 years in business. They feel like it's been at warp speed because they have found an amazing community of moms that want to help each other and want that support on their spiritual journey and don't know where to turn, so they're grateful to be able to help them do that. 


They're not gurus and are not here to tell you exactly what to do. They're here to hold space for you so that you can figure out what works for you and your family because it is such an individual experience. But they're also here to let you know that you're not alone, that whatever you're going through is normal and someone else in our community has most likely experienced the same thing.


What is their experience with human design?


Victoria is a Projector she falls down the human design rabbit hole once or twice a year. There's so much information there and she loves getting different interpretations from different human design readers because she feels like they pull out different aspects of her profile that she maybe didn't know or, at that moment, became super relevant to her. But she thinks working with me last year helped her to transform how she approaches their business.


Tiffany is a Generator, and she didn't dive deep into human design until she met me last year. She would love to dive deeper. I told her that there is quite a huge percentage of people who are generators. So she is trying to figure out how that shows up, but she is excited to see how she and Victoria's charts cross and how they should work together based on their designs. 


How does their human design influence their business relationship? Looking at their connection chart.


This is the first time I'm publicly talking through a connection chart, which is where you take one person's human design chart and you match it up against another person, or you could do this for your business. I've taken Tiffany and Victoria's charts and I'm looking at them together in a human design chart. 


But here's what's interesting: one thing they both have in common is that both have a lot of emotional energy in their charts. They both have a channel in common that is called the channel of synthesis, also both have strong emotional energy in their charts. 


They have an emotional authority, and this channel that they have in common is about being emotionally sensitive to the needs of the tribe, and it's very tribal energy, which makes so much sense with Spirit Mamas, their business, and with the community that they are creating from the context of protecting them, protecting their resources, helping them establish boundaries, and cultivating beliefs within them. In a nutshell, both of them have that energy strongly in their charts. 


There are a couple of places in their connection chart where they have different energies, and they’re called attraction channels. Where Tiffany has one energy, Victoria has another energy, and when those hanging gates come together, it creates magnetic energy. 


They have the channel of emotion, and so this again comes back to emotions and the fact that their emotions impact the room around them. So, if they feel emotionally low, it's better when they come together. They can really amplify those emotions. The channel of emoting that they have as attraction channels is that it's really good at not just blasting out emotions and influencing people with their emotions. It helps them to attract people who resonate with them, people sense their emotions and it pulls and magnetizes them.


The energy gets stronger when they are together, so when they come together, the energy of the emotions comes together as well. As a result, they can balance each other or help each other if one of them is low and the other is high. And when they do come together, they have their process within their business, even though both of them are the primary energy in their business. 


They have a unique process of processing, managing, and amplifying emotions. As a result, together they have a flow in a process that is very unique and strong that they can help others with too.


They have another attraction channel, which is called the Channel of Wavelength, and this is all about dedication and refinement of their skills, getting good, and practicing their skills. It gives them creative freedom to start doing things their way. Victoria is an Akashic records reader and does breathwork, and Tiffany does Reiki and sound healing, and when they come together, they are motivated to improve their crafts in those areas. 


Tiffany said that after their first retreat in the North Georgia mountains, they realized this is what they should be doing because it was so powerful and magical. They just played off of each other. Both of them motivated each other to keep improving.  


They have a new container that they are holding soon called Healing the Sacred Feminine, and Victoria feels like that's exactly how that came about. They got on the phone together and they have some rough ideas, and within in 30-minute phone call they had planned the entire four-week container and it just felt like it magically dropped in for them.


As I told you that Tiffany is a generator and Victoria's is a projector, on one hand, those energies always work together, but taking that a level deeper, Victoria's chart is emotionally defined by her chart and the Ajna center in her throat, and her identity center. She has a lot of that mental energy. As a result, a large portion of the planning energy and structural energy of their business comes from her.


Victoria has the Channel for Structuring (43-23), but it's also known as the Freak to Genius Channel. She has ideas or things that are kind of crazy, and she can structure them and process them to make them simpler or make sense. As a result, Victoria has more mental energy for planning, whereas Tiffany has more energy in the lower of her chart which means she relies heavily on intuition. She has a lot of energy that she's able to touch or her intuition and able to read people a lot more deeply, like at a deeper level, like just seeing people and knowing.


It makes a lot of sense in terms of how they work, not just because Victoria has that more planning mental type energy versus Tiffany, who has more intuitive energy. Victoria is the projector and Tiffany is the generator it's like Victoria, creates something so Tiffany can respond to it, and Tiffany does well with responses like "yes, no," or "this needs to go here," and dynamic they have with them is like having more mental structure, that planning type, and then coming together and refining it. 


Tiffany feels that the masculine and feminine are really important. She also goes inside and speaks to the spirit a lot. But she thinks it's funny that Victoria does have that energy where it's as if she's always been even with corporate stuff. 


Victoria knows that she needs to go meditate on it, and she likes to check in with her intuition. But a lot of the time, she's like, "Oh, if this idea comes in, then there's a reason and it is something that we should be moving on." 


Tiffany's has a lot of open energy, and undefined energy, and both of them have their heads completely open. They get a lot of ideas, and even together, their connection chart has a open head, so they get a lot of inspiration and ideas. Victoria might feel things coming through fast. But they might also come through slowly. It might take some time. You might get some energy behind them. It might need to pause, and also have an undefined throat. 


Victoria is defined in these areas where Tiffany isn’t, so it's really important for them to just let those things happen and maybe give Tiffany a heads up like, "Hey, I'm thinking of this new thing, but allowing that to kind of get clear and just trust that” So Tiffany has time to process it. 


Victoria has some very individual circuitry. One channel that is Freak to Genius channel. She also has another channel called channel of inspiration, which is also in individual circuitry. She thinks the way she approaches her 1-on-1 clients is under Spirit Mamas but is still very much her own thing and the way that she set up how she works with them. And all of that is very different than how Tiffany works with her 1-on-1 clients. 


Looking at their dominance channels now. Dominate is a strong word, but it's where one person’s energy is forceful on the other’s. 


Tiffany also has a channel for mating. It has a reproductive undertone to it, but it is very much about intimacy and cutting through the layers of people, and so, as we discussed a little bit earlier, I feel like they're able to do that so clearly with their current dynamic.


Tiffany feels that they bounce off each other at least in their full moon circles in our containers. She also has a channel called the Channel of Surrender (26-44), which is colloquially known as the sales channel. 


The incarnation cross explains the Primary aspect of what their purpose is here. 


Tiffany’s incarnation crosses called the Cross of Tension and she makes people get uncomfortable so they can go past their comfort zone. Victoria has the Cross of Explanation which is all about verbal expression. She is more on social media and is outspoken publicly when on social media. 


From a human design perspective, I think of purpose as to how they impact everyone that comes into their path. Victoria is observing and putting structure to things that they are seeing for the tribe. Moms need help and not everything is perfect or not all days are good days. What moms need you to know is what they need at this stage and more of like they know they are here to be. Spirit Mamas in a way is the loudspeaker of the tribe that they represent. 


Victoria loves that because she is always on Instagram stories. She’s always telling Tiffany to hop on social media too because people need to see her magic too. Tiffany does it when Victoria bugs her. Tiffany thinks that's so funny because, naturally, she tells Victoria, She's like, "So spirit told me not to get on social media for like the next five days." I have to listen to spirit.


Tiffany's energy is very strong 1-on-1. Not that she can't do it at a group level, but she feels like there's so much intimacy in either a small group of 1 on 1. She can contribute to marketing where she gets to show more of that magic one-on-one. She does Reiki reels, and the comments are very much as if she is doing it just for those people like nobody else exists and they're like oh my God I totally felt that. She is doing her thing, but she’s also trying to narrow her audience and make sure that when she does it, she thinks about the people who are truly following them by being intentional with the energy. 


Victoria likes to handle her Instagram account is not the way she likes or puts content. She knows how to curate content for it is not the way that you should be doing that. 


Whereas every time Tiffany is in person with people or goes on a trip and talked to 5 different people about Spirit Mamas and they're so much more connected it. She loves the idea of pulling someone on live and doing a live thing with them that way as a promotion.


They are super active on Instagram and have lots of continuous containers that they're holding. They have an amazing monthly membership community that is Healing the Mother Wound and Healing the Sacred Feminine series come back multiple times a year so please feel free if that feels like it's calling to you to join the waitlist to learn more. Send them a DM at @spirit.mamas and come say hello. They love to interact with people and meet people. Their community now is literally across the globe. They are still amazed that they have women from Sweden and New Zealand and all over. So if you've got the internet you can find them and they'll be excited to have you.


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