The Best Google Analytics Goals Setup To Analyze Marketing Metrics

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In this video, I will teach you how your Google Analytics goal setup will help, you know, with certainty, what is driving the best, most engaged leads to your website.

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It's one thing to track and measure the traffic that's coming to your website at any given time, but it's another to actually analyze the behavior of your most engaged visitors and potential customers on your site compared to everyone else who is not a great fit for your business, your products, or your services.

This knowledge paired with the action that you take off of it is what separates the great business owners from the ones that spin their wheels and just hope for great results and this type of data. And these insights are what I consistently coach all my clients through to make sure they are optimizing their customer journey and marketing strategy in ways that amp up the number of those leads, which will make a huge impact on their bottom line.

One of the best ways to get started on this path to better data and insights is to make sure that you have goals set up correctly in Google analytics.

I'm going to take you step by step through the strategy and process of setting up a goal. And we'll complete one for an opt-in specifically since this is something that all businesses have in common. I'll also give you some insight about how you can analyze this data to benefit your business.

So let's dive in, I'm actually going to show you how to set up a goal in Google analytics for this, you will need the URL of your opt-in thank you, page or confirmation page, specifically the part after your primary domain.

For example, if your confirmation page URL is you, then all you're going to need is the slash thank you. Just set up this goal from the homepage. You're actually going to click on admin. Then you're going to go into your view and then you're going to click on goals from there.

You're going to click on a new goal, and then you're going to click on custom and then continue. Then you're going to give it a name. I recommend using a strategy when naming your goals. I usually start with the type or category of goal, and then the details. For example, opt-in dash the name of your opt-in, the importance of the naming convention you use when you create goals is to help with your analysis down the line. You can group all of the opt-ins or product sales together to find different trends.

Now, select destination, then continue then for your goal details, you will change the destination to regular expression and then paste the piece of the thank you page URL you grabbed earlier in there. So slash thank you. The reason I recommend only a small part, that final part of the URL is that I found that the longer the URL is that Google tries to match that goal.

To the more likely it is to miss the page view of that goal completion. If your goal has a monetary value attributed to it, you can actually set that up right here. Ours does not in this example, or you can build out the steps of a funnel if that is the case of this goal, but that's more advanced than this video.

Then you're going to click to verify this goal. If this opt-in is already live and published and people have opted in, you should see some sort of percentage pop in right here to tell you if that goal is set up correctly. If it says zero, that means either those pages aren't getting traffic yet, meaning no one's opted in, or that something that you set up was incorrect. I'd recommend double-checking. The URL that you pasted in is actually correct. Then click save, and now you're tracking goals.

Make sure you set up goals for all of the big milestones on your site.

You might have a lot, but I recommend at minimum, starting with lead opt-ins and sales page conversions comment below and let me know what goals have you set up in Google analytics. If you don't have any yet, let me know. What's the first one that you're going to set up now that you have your goal set up?

Let's take a look at how to actually analyze that data.

So go back into Google Analytics, conversions goals, and then overview here. You'll be able to see all the different goals completed during your specified timeframe. You can look at them all together, or you can actually look at them individually up here, and you can actually see some metrics associated with those goals. For example, completions and conversion rate, and the embankment rate of that goal. Also, you can click down here and you can see the source and the medium of those goal completions.

Now, if you want to get super fancy, you can create segments in Google analytics and focus specifically on the people that are converting on your goals. You can use that segment on all your regular reports in Google analytics to see how people who completed a particular goal on your website, behave compared to everyone else. This is more of an advanced technique, but it is super powerful.

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