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Bright business blueprint

Do you dream about becoming the leader of your business? Who's able to guide your own business to growth, impact and success?

A leader with clarity to make smart decisions that scale your business quickly and confidently with ease?

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When I started my own business, I already had been helping multimillion dollar businesses, scale their marketing systems and revenue for over a decade. I knew it was something that I loved and I was really good at, but I also knew that there were many entrepreneurs out there who needed this type of support as well.

When I took the leap into entrepreneurship, even with all the confidence of all my experience and expertise supporting me, I soon realized that I was still looking to others, actually, everyone, but myself, to give me answers about how to build and grow my own business.

I was looking outward for people to tell me what to do in my own business. After lots of thought and reflection. I learned that the truth is that I was already the leader, my business needed. And I believe that you, yes, you are too.

Now you may need some support and mentorship in certain areas. No one knows everything. But let me say that again:

You are already the leader that your business needs

Now that I've been supporting and mentoring, passionate entrepreneurs in this big, beautiful online space, here's some of the other big things that I've learned along the way and fuel how we do business here at Grow Brightly.

Massive alignment trumps massive forced action.

When you work from a place of alignment, your work flows much more easily allowing you to be your most productive. On the other hand, when you are forcing yourself to get things done, just because it can be a huge struggle resulting in less efficient or subpar work.

Our vision guides our decisions.

Begin with the end in mind. Once you know what you're trying to create, it becomes much easier to make decisions because you have that point of reference. You can ask yourself, does this decision move me closer or further from my vision?

When we serve others, we serve ourselves .

Entrepreneurs like you are driven by serving and helping others transform in some way, we work from a heart centered place. And the truth is when we focus on serving at the highest level, that energy comes back around, helping us hone our expertise and by building stronger client relationships that can turn into more business

With smart systems in place, we can change the world.

The earlier you start building systems strategically into your business. The more it allows you as the business leader to shine, no matter where you are in your journey, the right people, processes, and technology to support you is critical.

Data is more than numbers and it tells us compelling stories.

What we don't measure cannot grow. It is as simple as that data tells us a story about what is working and what needs improvement in our business, whether you love or hate numbers, have no fear. This may be surprising, but data actually comes in many forms, numeric and otherwise. And it's one of the areas that I love teaching the most

Daily progress, not perfection results in quantum leaps.

You don't need to put the pedal to the metal all the time to build the business of your dreams, but you do need to make progress in some way every single day. And remember my first point about alignment, sometimes progress just means getting into that massive alignment. And that is totally okay.

Wins of all sizes must be celebrated and there's room for everyone at the table.

Like I mentioned, entrepreneurship is a journey and if we don't celebrate our wins, it can be a long and sometimes lonely one. There is abundant opportunity for success. And in this community, we invite everyone to share, be heard, support one another and celebrate.

Comment below and let me know which of these tenants resonated with you the most. I'd love to hear more about it below.

Now, you understand my values and beliefs as an entrepreneur, and you might be thinking this all sounds great, but how does that all translate into growing and scaling a business? My business?

Look, if you're here, you've probably already experienced some or lots of success in your business, but if you're like most entrepreneurs, there are some areas in your business where you need some extra support, guidance, or mentorship to fully step into the leadership role that your business needs from you.

And in working with entrepreneurs, just like you, I've developed a blueprint or framework that gives you the support. You need to systematically scale your business to the next level so that you can unlock your impact, intuition and income. It's called the bright business growth blueprint, and it consists of six stages:

Dream it, Design it, Plan it, Build it, Measure it, Scale it.

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Cheers friend, your business success!

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