Frequency & Flow Activation Session

Amplify your business magnetism by attuning your marketing strategy to your unique energetic blueprint


You’re an intuitive and spiritual entrepreneur... not looking to make a living doing work that you secretly resent.

You’re acutely aware of the massive shifts happening right now and you’re ready to do your part to bring in this new world paradigm.

You’re awakening to your purpose and your gifts are becoming stronger by the day. Now, you’re being called to serve at a higher level than before and you’re ready to take the leap. 

What you’re creating is not just a business, it’s a deep soul calling. One that doesn’t play by those old paradigm business rules.

 You’re ready to fully claim your purpose as a

New Paradigm Entrepreneur

What you know to be true

The traditional, “tried and true” marketing strategies feel misaligned to you. 

Perhaps you’ve been burned by other marketing programs & experts & you just can’t get behind the one-size-fits-all marketing strategies you’re bombarded with online.

You’re committed to growing your business your way. Even if you don’t know exactly how to do that yet.

All you know is that there’s massive untapped potential in your business. That’s because you’ve been hustling to grow your business without leveraging the most potent tool in your toolbox - your magnetic frequency.

A lesser-known truth is... 


Your frequency dictates the flow in your business. The higher your frequency, the more flow you’re available to experience.

Your Gene Keys help you understand your Soul’s journey & dharma. Your human design helps you understand how to align your human self with your soul.

Together, Gene Keys & Human Design can unlock your most potent frequencies.

And when you align the correct marketing strategies with this potent magnetic frequency, that’s when the real magic starts to happen in your business.

You’re ready to: 

Crystallize a brand strategy that captures your unique essence & most potent frequency
Cut through all the noise online & get clarity on a marketing strategy that lights up you and your audience
Release any stagnation your feel around your business & offerings by tapping into your intuition & activating your energetic gifts
Create a purposeful content plan that is not only effective but in complete alignment with your energy & gifts
Play a bigger game through your business in a way that feels super aligned & full of flow

This is your invitation to:

Frequency & Flow Activation Session

A portal to a more aligned & effective marketing & sales strategy

Prepare to emerge with a calm clarity that can only occur when you are walking in lock-step with your purpose, mission, and authentic expression, completely guided by your intuition.

This container has been created to hold pivotal business transformation. You will be called to step out of the limiting confines of your mind (and its trademark confusion, overwhelm, and analysis paralysis) and into your greater purpose.

If I can promise you one thing, our time together will be anything but fluff. Expect to leave with actionable next steps you can activate in your business immediately.


How we’ll unlock your unique marketing genius:

Strengthening & expanding your auric reach using your energetic type & strategy
Clarifying your brand essence using your profile, incarnation cross & elements of Gene Keys
Creating compelling marketing content & activating your natural gifts using your centers & channels
Planning intuitive, aligned launch & promotion strategies using your authority & alignment cues
... and much more!

Here's how it works


You’ll receive a pre-session questionnaire that will help me learn more about you, your intentions, your current roadblocks & what will make our time together a success for you. Once you complete the questionnaire, then you’ll be asked to schedule our sacred container.


When it’s time to meet, be prepared to dive right in! As a 5/1 Splenic Projector with over 15 years of online marketing experience, I know how to get straight to the point. I can quickly unravel the biggest roadblocks in your current marketing & sales and replace them with more aligned & effective strategies.


You’ll emerge from our time together with a focused clarity that includes 100% personalized, tactical recommendations & action steps you can implement right away to begin elevating your frequency & increasing flow in your business.

You’ll also receive a few parting gifts from our time together:

  • Customized Frequency & Flow Activation Guidelines, a 19-page personalized PDF, containing a summary of what we discussed on the call: your energetic blueprint, tactical recommendations & best practices, and immediate action steps to activate in your business
  • Video recording from our Zoom call that you can save & reference anytime you’d like

Hello, I'm Bree Kuryk!

I help my clients create & implement magnetic client attraction systems that align with their unique energetic blueprint.

I have 15+ years of experience helping build & scale businesses of all sizes - from start-ups to billion dollar corporations. I use my expertise in business strategy, marketing, sales, and operations to support my clients.

Human Design & Gene Keys have a huge part of my own intuitive awakening. I'm certified in these tools to support others through their own alignment.

Now I bring all these learnings - intuitive, energetic, and practical business strategy - straight to you to give you a massive head start in your own business.

The Frequency & Flow Activation Session is for you if you’re a(n):

Spiritual and/or service-based entrepreneur looking to expand your business in an aligned, sustainable, and profitable way & looking to further integrate your energetic blueprint into their business

Emerging or aspiring entrepreneur committed to starting your business on an energetically-strong foundation & so you can collapse time around your growth

Entrepreneur with an established business desiring to fine-tune your marketing strategy from a more holistic - energetic & tactical - perspective

Feeling called to accept the invitation?

Please be sure to tune into your own authority to decide if this decision is right for you. 

Emotional authority? Ride the wave until you feel emotionally clear. Sacral authority? Make sure it’s a “Hell Yes!” right now. Splenic authority? Get out of your head & trust your intuitive knowing. Ego authority? Follow your desires. Self-projected authority? Decide if you are the type of person that does this. Environmental/sounding board/no authority? Find a safe environment & talk it out with a trusted confidant.

Ready to increase your frequency & add more flow to your business?

Frequency & Flow Activation Session


  • Pre-session questionnaire & intention setting
  • 50-minute Zoom workshop
  • Human Design & Gene Keys insights
  • Business & marketing best practices
  • Personalized recommendations & action plan
  • Customized Frequency & Flow Activation Guidelines, a PDF document
  • Video recording with lifetime access

Frequency & Flow Activation VIP Experience


  • Everything included in the Frequency & Flow Activation Session
  • PLUS 2 weeks of 1:1 Voxer access to ask follow-up questions & guidance on your specific business and/or human design

Two weeks begins when you receive your session follow-up email with the video recording. During that time, you can expect a 24-hour response time (often less) Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time.


Bree really explained everything so well and I found myself chuckling at some of the things about my chart. Initially having the defensive "that's not me" and then thinking about it and going "ohhhhh... yeah that IS me". I just want to say that I loved this reading and am so grateful for the information and experience. I highly recommend Bree.

Christine Wohlleben @bluecrushwellness

OMG Bree! I just listened to my video. I am blown away. And I cried a few times. That was AMAZING! I had a human design blueprint from another well-known expert buuuuuut I must say, your little video explanation was over the top. You killed it! Way better than just getting the blueprint.

Patsi Campany @patsicampany

This is my first experience with anything related to Human Design. I was thoroughly surprised about how detailed and accurate the information was that I received. The more I read the deeper I wanted to dig! Everything was easy to digest, understandable, and concise. The material from the reading was well presented and robust. It was helpful to have clear explanations about each section. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was nice feeling the report was tailored personally to me due to its accuracy.

Jen Anderson @intentretreats

I have never had such an in-depth reading and the video helped really drive it in. Bree made it feel very personal and tailored just for me. Everything was done exceptionally well. The layout of the written reading, the vocabulary she used to help explain it so I could understand and the breakdown in the video really was the icing on the cake. Bree is amazing and can not wait to have more readings done with her in the future

Tawnya Hayden 


Frequency & Flow Activation Session

A portal to a more aligned & effective marketing & sales strategy