Unlock the energetic flow & abundance that you crave in your business

Human design & gene keys help you understand who you were designed to be at a soul level. When you integrate this information, you can calibrate to greater levels of success & abundance on ALL levels


You are uniquely & perfectly designed to make a massive impact in this world.

You feel it, you know it deep within you.

You are here to do things your own way. To build something new. To start a business. To live a more authentic life.

You are here to create a life that is abundant, fulfilling, and full of purpose, without all the pushing, forcing, and hustling.

 On your journey, there have probably been days where it feels like you keep running into brick walls over & over. And then there are days where it feels like there is ease & flow and everything just falls into your lap, your desires manifesting quickly & effortlessly.

It's time to take a wiser approach 

And to do that, you're going to need a system or toolkit that gives you a deeper understanding of yourself so you can tap into your own intuition more deeply and activate the innate gifts you were born with this lifetime.

Learning how to activate your innate gifts will help you spend more time in that dreamy flow state and less time in that frustrating bang-your-head-into-the-wall-over-and-over place that leaves you yearning for more.

Human Design & Gene Keys are my favorite tools to unlock & activate my innate gifts.

Human Design & Gene Keys represent the unique energetic blueprint you were born with.

Understanding them will give you clarity on how to activate your innate & unique gifts in this lifetime. These gifts include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting crystal clear on your purpose, life's work, core wounds, shadows, and internal guidance systems
  • Staying in alignment on your journey & make how to make aligned decisions
  • Leveraging your internal & external sources of energy & how you exchange energy with others in your environment 

These systems are a blend of ancient spiritual sciences (the Chinese Iching, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Indian Chakra System, and Eastern Astrology) combined with modern science (quantum mechanics, biochemistry, and neuroscience).

The knowledge incorporated in these systems is deep, complex, and truly transformative.

I've been studying these systems for years and still feel like I have so much to learn & embody them fully.

In addition to private study, I am certified through the Intuition Lifestyle Sacred Success Coaching Certification which is a 9-month program that focuses primarily on these two systems.

How to Work with Me

Unlock your Gifts & Uncover the Truths Hidden within your Energetic Blueprint

Human Design Blueprint



Your fully customized 40+ page report that includes an overview of Human Design & the most influential components of your chart

  • Type
  • Strategy
  • Alignment Cues
  • Wealth & Abundance Key
  • Profile
  • Authority
  • Centers
  • Channels & Select Gates

Human Design Blueprint (VIP Option)



Learn & embody your human design in a more integrated & accelerated way. The VIP option includes:

  • Your fully customized 40+ page Human Design Blueprint report
  • Plus a Personalized Video Reading that adds more color & context to the written report
  • Plus 7 days of direct Voxer access to Bree to ask clarifying questions & followups from your blueprint PDF & video

Bree really explained everything so well and I found myself chuckling at some of the things about my chart. Initially having the defensive "that's not me" and then thinking about it and going "ohhhhh... yeah that IS me". I just want to say that I loved this reading and am so grateful for the information and experience. I highly recommend Bree.

Christine Wohlleben @bluecrushwellness

OMG Bree! I just listened to my video. I am blown away. And I cried a few times. That was AMAZING! I had a human design blueprint from another well-known expert buuuuuut I must say, your little video explanation was over the top. You killed it! Way better than just getting the blueprint.

Patsi Campany @patsicampany

This is my first experience with anything related to Human Design. I was thoroughly surprised about how detailed and accurate the information was that I received. The more I read the deeper I wanted to dig! Everything was easy to digest, understandable, and concise. The material from the reading was well presented and robust. It was helpful to have clear explanations about each section. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was nice feeling the report was tailored personally to me due to its accuracy.

Jen Anderson @intentretreats

I have never had such an in-depth reading and the video helped really drive it in. Bree made it feel very personal and tailored just for me. Everything was done exceptionally well. The layout of the written reading, the vocabulary she used to help explain it so I could understand and the breakdown in the video really was the icing on the cake. Bree is amazing and can not wait to have more readings done with her in the future

Tawnya Hayden 


Human Design & Gene Keys with Bree Kuryk

Dive into the depths of your soul & unlock the unique, innate gifts already within you