Intuition Activation Portal for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

An 11-day guided journey to align the unique energy & gifts of your human design type with your purpose-driven business to grow with less force, frustration, and burn-out

This journey consists of a daily podcast + activities intended to activate your intuition via the essential components of your human design type & authority. 

Specific versions of this portal will be available for each of the human design types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector

The daily podcast & activities will take ~30-45 minutes per day and we will be covering the following topics:

Day 0 - Welcome to the Intuition Activation Portal

Day 1 - Authority & decision-making

Day 2 - Your Aura and your Creative Strategy

Day 3- Applying your Type's Strategy to your Business Strategy

Day 4- Calibrating your Intuition to your Business - part one

Day 5 -Calibrating your Intuition to your Business - part two

Day 6 - Wealth & Abundance Code Activation

Day 7 - Balancing Frequency & Flow of your Business Strategy

Day 8 - Your Marketing & Offer Strategy

Day 9 - Your Niche & target audience

Day 10 - Copywriting & messaging

Day 11 - Systems, Team & Business Growth

... plus more!


I anticipate this series launching in mid to late summer 2022.

I will be working on the series for each type based solely on the number of people on the waitlist. If this interests you, join the waitlist now!


I’m Bree Kuryk, a 5/1 Splenic Projector with the Channels of Structuring (43-23) and Perseverance (28-38)

I have over 15 years of marketing experience across clients of all sizes and industries, distilling all the online business best practices and trends into clearly-articulated strategies for my own clients. I love to examine the deeper purpose behind different tactics to help you find the most aligned way to build your business & tap into your own intuition.

…with the incarnation cross of Left Angle Cross of Spirit

My purpose is to awaken the creative potential in those who cross my path & studying Human Design & Gene Keys, including certification in 3 levels of human design & gene keys coaching with Eden Carpenter, has unlocked new layers of creativity I’ve never imagined. Prepare to be inspired & activated into aligned action.